Effect of energy prices on investment

It seems that in 2022, builders and contractors will have to deal with another problem. Namely by driving energy prices out of control.

Source: ief.hu

This will affect us directly or indirectly in the price of building materials, in the increase in rents.

We are sure to hear a lot more about the extent and the causes, but it is also certain that life will not stop. There will be investments that need to be built.

It’s just a matter of how.

Never before has it been so important to build in
an organized and efficient way, and to ensure
that our buildings consume less.

The model-based design and construction support services that are based on the digital lifecycle reduce the direct cost of an investment by an average of 20% and the cost of operation by 30%, according to international figures.

This has always been attractive, even unbelievable to many, but in the near future, with energy prices rising at this rate, it could change the fate of companies and investments.

This technology is particularly worth exploring before making a major investment because although there are only a few good examples in Hungary, it is simply available.

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