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General design

We take responsibility for our future

The most important task of architecture today is to take into account the needs of its customers, users, and the environment at the same time, and even to flexibly manage their changes throughout the entire life cycle of the building.
We take advantage of the building information modeling method and introduce this new, digital ecosystem to everyone.

Plan of work stages covered by our
general design service

Using BIM workflow, we work with each discipline on a common information model that speeds up the design process and eliminates design errors.

The more complex the more comfortable

Our main profile is the general design of industrial, commercial, office, and public buildings and the support of their construction and operation. BuildEXT is characterized by outstanding architectural quality, an engineering approach, and innovative solutions. We offer BIM services through the total lifecycle in order to make projects effective and sustainable from all economical, human, and ecological perspectives.

How do we work

Let’s speak a common language using BIM workflow

To turn a strong design into a reliable plan and later into an outstanding structure, a lot of participants need to work together successfully. Such a project without a transparent flow of information would break out a Babel.

We apply BIM workflow from the beginning of design through the support of construction to optimization of facility management.

We take advantage of the BIM working method and we invite all participants to a common, cloud-based design table, where we make our decisions together and everyone adds their expertise to the project. This way we immediately increase quality, save time and save resources.

Multidisciplinary design

Coordinated collaboration in virtual space results in more accurate, faster, and more thoughtful work. Already in the design phase, we have the opportunity to integrate the experience of different fields and synthesize the best solution. With the help of simulations and tests, we optimize the building at an early stage.

Digitally supported construction

From cost estimation to completion of the building, all construction is burdened with ongoing problems and forced changes. The extraordinary advantage of the BIM working method is that these changes can be tracked quickly and transparently, saving time and money.

The application of the BIM workflow eliminates costly errors and extra work, thus significantly reducing the total cost and time of construction.

Optimized facility management

The digital as-built model created parallel with the building, is key to sustainability. We implement facility management software in it to build a digital twin that can optimize the operation of your facility in real-time. This reduces maintenance costs by orders of magnitude and can be used immediately for any architectural or interior reconstruction.

Featured projects

  • Continental site

    Continental site

    As part of an investment of more than €30 million for Continental, one of the world’s leading automotive companies, we designed a complete site of 30 100 m2 in 5 phases over 5 years using BIM methodology.

    read more

  • Academia Business Center

    Academia Business Center

    Interior redesign of the representative Danube-side office building of the Academia offices. The project involved the design of 15 000 m2 of community, commercial and office space.

    read more

  • Bosch Budapest Innovation Campus

    Bosch Budapest Innovation Campus

    In 2018, we were asked by the leading German designer of Robert Bosch Kft. to design the concept for the new Bosch Campus II headquarters of the Bosch representative office in Hungary, planned on a 60 000 m2 site.

    read more

Other services

We offer solutions through the total lifecycle in order to make projects effective and sustainable from all economical, human, and ecological perspectives.

Interior Design

We design the ideal environments of the future. Our goal is to appeal more to human instinct, the human condition, and human sensibilities.

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BIM services

Having a sustainable approach we take care of the building throughout its entire lifecycle. By using the BIM method we cover the HOIA phase 1-9 with different BIM-related services.

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Scan to BIM

We use the latest 3D laser scanner technology to survey buildings and sites. We process this information and provide services to reduce costs for our customers.

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Project management

By pushing all the advantages of the BIM workflow we represent the interest of our client, reduce expenses and ensure quality work from our consultants.

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You can access our architecture services through practice leaders. We can help you get the most out of your project at any stage of the architecture lifecycle.

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