Reducing energy costs with digital twin

- October 11, 2022

With today's energy prices, any business manager with a real estate portfolio would give half a hand to have a single high-level dashboard that can analyze and visualize in real-time which of their properties is what size, what condition and how much of what they are consuming.

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The architect’s flow

- March 17, 2022

The flow, the feeling of getting lost in the shaping of space, the meticulous design of a building, and it's only in the morning when you realize that you've worked all night.

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BIM vs Hollywood BIM

- March 11, 2021

We show what we think BIM means and what we think is happening in practice at home. This paradigm shift cannot be done for marketing purposes.

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12 BIM myths

- December 11, 2020

The concept has been around since the 1970s, yet there are still many misconceptions and myths about BIM.

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