Megújult lobby (Green Walk Academia bejárás)

Green Walk Academia tour

- September 13, 2023

For the first time, the Academia office building was included in the Green Walk's green building walk. The sustainability-focused event saw the opening of buildings in Budapest for a few hours where ESG considerations were not just words.

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Budapest Design Week 2023 BuildEXT meetup

- March 10, 2023

This year we will join the 20th anniversary of Budapest Design Week. Those interested in digital architecture and BIM can join us on 10.10.2023 from 18:00 for a special evening in our office, where we will guide them through perhaps the most exciting years of modern construction.

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Forbes interview with Csaba Livják

- December 9, 2022

"He had turned the whole thing upside down, creating completely different designs to what the company originally asked for... It was sensational, the company has been using those plans ever since..." - Csaba Hortobágyi, Continental AG

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