Interior design using BIM ensures that we design what can actually be built.

Interior design

We put the quality of our design into practice by using the latest digital tools.

Our independent interior design team is committed to creating inspiring spaces that make the everyday lives of their users better. We facilitate interaction between people, promote work and learning, play and joy, concentration and relaxation.
Our interior architects have professional expertise ranging from concept development, space planning, and interior architecture to furniture design, lighting, and visualizing.

Understanding, involving, and engaging the end-user is the key to successful interior design.

Steps of the Interior design process

Sustainable interior architecture

Working closely with the client, we always strive for a healthy balance. We need to meet financial, environmental, and end-user considerations at the same time. We can implement such a complex approach because the interior design is also done with the help of the BIM workflow. Thus, we can perform simulations to select the optimal solution, and we can plan and support the implementation and operation with accurate calculations.

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Our interior design services

The interior design collaboration consists of the following main steps from the first conversation to commissioning:

I. Audit

We start every project by getting to know the client. We identify challenges and opportunities and map users’ needs, either through a comprehensive questionnaire and/or personal interview.
We define the rooms and examine their optimized utilization. Considering future needs, we examine the viability of flexible solutions.
We recommend the use of hybrid office solutions. Coordinating collaboration between the home office, online space, and office workplaces are already the first steps.

II. Spaceplan

When creating a spaceplan, we strive to distribute the necessary functions in the most optimal way in the available space. We need to weigh a lot of individual factors in our decision-making. We keep the needs of the users in mind, but the economics and operating conditions also shape the final plan.
When it comes to workspaces, a good spaceplan contributes to positive organizational change, promotes healthier, more efficient, fun work, and displays customer values.

III. Design concept

Our goal is to create spaces that are both highly functional and have a positive impact on users ’emotions.
The design is carried out using BIM working method, taking into account the technical conditions of the field. That is why we are proud that everything we plan is technically feasible and within budget.
Thanks to our extensive professional experience, we are able to develop flexible interior design solutions that adapt to tomorrow’s needs, different goals, and changed working and living conditions.

Creative interior design ideas can be realized
with a precision of an engineer if we are at the forefront of using the latest digital tools.

IV. Visualization

One of the advantages of BIM workflow is that we can easily present the imagined interior in images, video, or even a walkable 3D model. This makes it easy for participants to understand spatial relations, speeding up and making the design process more accurate.
By creating photo-realistic visual designs, we can successfully support the marketing activities related to the project.

V. Fit-out plans

When the project reaches the construction phase, the benefits of BIM workflow become really striking. Fit-out plans are developed in a cloud-based common data environment (CDE), including electrical, mechanical, and fire protection plans. In this way, the designs are made without technical problems and take into account the real specifications of the materials and products used. In addition, we can easily generate accurate quantity statements and cost estimates from the resulting data package.

VI. Furniture design

The distinction between home and work, study and leisure are blurring. That’s why we often have to provide a unique, personalized solution. In addition, it is important to display objects in the interior that carry the customer’s trademarks. We oversee the implementation of such unique elements from design to fabrication and installation. We do it all within budget, but using the best materials and solutions.

VII. FF&E (Furniture, Fixture and Equipment)

Interior design is the architectural discipline that affects our senses the most. An architecturally outstanding building should serve the needs of the users well, but in everyday life, efficiency, comfort, and well-being are ensured by the tangible elements that surround the user. The chair in which you work, the lamp that is at your fingertips, or the video conference system that works are all tools that determine the success of an interior design project.
That is why we pay special attention to the thoughtful design of furniture, accessories, electronics, and lighting systems.

Well-being is determined by the tangible elements that surround the user.

VIII. Facility management support

As the digitalization of the construction industry progresses, buildings and their interiors will be expanded with a wealth of new IoT-based services. The basic condition for the introduction of these is the availability of a database about the house, to which the various IT solutions can be connected.
We work in BIM methodology, so the data set we create is a good basis for integrating future solutions.

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