We believe in combining the latest technologies
to make the projects we manage efficient and sustainable.

Project management

Digitalization in the AEC provides predictability

In project management, we strive to ensure that the interests of our clients in terms of quality, costs, and deadlines are met under all circumstances. BIM-based project management ensures predictability and traceability throughout the design process. Our project managers are involved in the delivery of cost-effective buildings from concept design through technical plans to construction. We help our clients to select the right contractor. We believe that managing communication in a common data environment (CDE) is the key to achieving the desired quality and meeting deadlines.

We have built our toolkit around collaborative working. This allows all project participants to work with up-to-date data.
We use Dalux platform for communication and follow-up.
We use Bexel platform to support 4D/5D processes.
We use Revit software in a CDE environment to refine and accelerate the exchange of information between disciplines.

Plan of work stages
controlled by our project managers

Our job is to protect our clients’ interests. The common data environment and the BIM working method provide the right framework for this.

BIM-based decision support

The BIM workflow involves creating a design in which each element can be mapped to a building material in real life. The sum of these elements forms a spatial virtual model (3D), and each element can be assigned a time and sequence of installation (4D). The resulting building information model allows the collection of all the required quantities of building materials. Crucially, we have embedded Bexel manager software into our workflow, which allows us to:

  • Complete control of the project during all phases of construction
  • Save significant time compared to paper-based construction analysis
  • Flexible tracking of changes thanks to the BIM environment
  • Visual support for resource optimization

CDE, the cloud-based document store

The contractor will be selected once the design, with the support of the project manager, has been completed.

Construction monitoring, coordination and plan checking are carried out using systems integrated into the BIM environment. We coordinate the construction and installation work, supporting the execution according to plan. We prevent hidden costs and minimise the need for additional works.

One of the key platforms for this is the Dalux system. With it, we provide easy access to a cloud-based Common Data Environment (CDE) for all parties involved, where they can use up-to-date plans and documents to do their work.

Tracking changes digitally

A common data environment requires a new approach at the construction site. This gives new meaning to onsite technical supervision. We support our partners during construction with the software knowledge and skills we have. Our experts will inspect the building on site, compare the up-to-date design with the actual structure, identify any discrepancies and immediately propose solutions to both the contractor and the designers. In the BIM workflow, change management is accelerated by orders of magnitude.

We inspire the project team to comply with relevant legislation, regulations and standards by maintaining a technical presence throughout the construction process.

We believe in innovating the onsite technical supervision using a common data environment.

Our aim is to achieve the planned quality

The quality of a project’s implementation is based on the success of the participants’ cooperation. Our approach is inclusive. Working in a shared, cloud-based common data environment allows room for different opinions to collide. The best solutions are created when different perspectives and requirements meet. Integrating digital tools into our workflows is a prerequisite for achieving the quality we want and effective project management.

A constructive approach and the use of a common data environment can prevent the majority of construction errors.

Other services

We offer solutions through the total lifecycle in order to make projects effective and sustainable from all economical, human, and ecological perspectives.

General design

We have been designing large-scale and complex industrial, commercial, office, and public buildings for more than 15 years.

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Interior design

We design the ideal environments of the future. Our goal is to appeal more to human instinct, the human condition, and human sensibilities.

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BIM services

Having a sustainable approach we take care of the building throughout its entire lifecycle. By using the BIM method we cover the HOIA phase 1-9 with different BIM-related services.

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Scan to BIM

We use the latest 3D laser scanner technology to survey buildings and sites. We process this information and provide services to reduce costs for our customers.

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You can access our architecture services through practice leaders. We can help you get the most out of your project at any stage of the architecture lifecycle.

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