I’m Betti, architect

I am an architect who started my career at BuildEXT.

“What I like about BuildEXT is that it is safe, stable and that they listen to me. I’ve got the trajectory that I felt was right for me.”

Bernadett Tóth, architect

This is the life of a young architect at BuildEXT

You are our greatest strength!

It’s clear that the most valuable thing for us is the employees themselves. So we put them and their needs first in every aspect.
We believe that a team of well-balanced and satisfied members can do great things. So your success is a prerequisite for our collective success.

Don’t hesitate to join us!

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This is what we offer

Think about what’s important to you!

  • We work with an innovative approach
  • Effectively reducing the environmental impact of the construction industry
  • We have special and complex projects
  • We take full advantage of the BIM workflow
  • We provide knowledge that is relevant around the world
  • We provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere

We are listening to you

BuildEXT is special because we listen to you and we know what it’s like
to look for a job after graduating with a degree in architecture, while you may still have many unanswered questions.

Do you still lack knowledge?

The university provides you with a lot of theoretical knowledge, but you can only learn the basics of Reviting, for example. You learn only a fraction about the BIM way of working and very little about building a self-aware career.

Looking for practical knowledge?

Training is expensive and time-consuming. Would you rather work and learn at the same time, but in practice? Or have you been working for a few months but feel stuck? These are solvable problems!

Afraid of being left behind?

If you see new technology coming out every day, but don’t know how to keep up with it all, an innovative team can help you a lot.

Is it difficult to see through everything?

You’re developing yourself, but in every video and article it’s almost the same and it’s hard to put the pieces together? At the end of the day, is the picture still incomplete? Our skilled and experienced staff will be happy to help you!

When you join as a newly graduated architect

You’ll have a mentor

First, you will have a mentor who will be with you from the first hour of the first day. He introduces you to people, shows you around, gets you a machine, a mug, a desk, introduces you to the coffee machine and talks to you about the company and what’s in store for you as a budding architect.

What’s your status?

So we get to know you better, assess your knowledge, your goals. What software you’ve used, what you’re good at, how well you know Revit, what you’d like to improve on, what interests you.


You’ll complete a professional, hands-on Revites training course, which will give you a very good foundation to get started.
This takes three months. In the meantime, you’ll improve a lot in all aspects and you’ll fit in with the team. Of course you can ask anyone, we’re here to support you! Our goal, like yours, is for you to move confidently in the design environment.

Let’s do it!

Your probationary period is over! You’re familiar with the concepts, our workflows, Revit, projects, others and most importantly, yourself. From now on, you will be on a live project and become an integral part of the team.

This is how we work


The office is split into three teams.
Some mainly deal with large, complex industrial facilities, logistics halls, laboratories.
Others work on public buildings or interior design.
But one thing is common: all teams benefit from the BIM methodology.

“The full use of BIM significantly reduces the environmental impact of the construction industry.
We are serious about protecting the future generation!”

Csaba Livják, founder and CEO of BuildEXT

Check out our latest work

I’m Bence, architect

I was an architecture student a year ago and now I design at BuildEXT.

“BuildEXT was a big step change for me compared to my previous experience. Now I feel like it’s all tailor-made for me.”

Bence Krajnyák, architect

Continuous progress


You’re not stuck as a career architect either! You won’t be drawing details in architectural plans, BIM modelling or visualizing forever. Not just because of the demands of the project, but because you’re constantly evolving and finding what you’re most comfortable with, what you’re best at and then getting opportunities in that job.

“If you have an affinity for something, it’s quickly noticed and used, so it’s a win-win.”

Bernadett Tóth, architect

Ofiice building interior design, Budapest

Seimming pool, visualization, Sárospatak


There’s always something new.
I often work for other teams, because sometimes we’re asked to do a visual design for a project that’s going on elsewhere.

“I think it is important to challenge myself, to meet challenges within architecture.”

Bence Krajnyák, architect

Working at BuildEXT


Design and modelling of buildings.
Create a BIM model based on a point cloud.

What kind of projects?

Complex projects that require state-of-the-art technology. Existing buildings, laboratories, industrial buildings, complex interior design.

For whom?

For international and national customers such as Continental, Bosch, Aldi, Weinberg, Synlab, etc.

Where and when?

It’s a mix of office and homeoffice, but of course there’s also field work. Between 9am and 5pm.

What software?

Autodesk and Adobe, especially Revit.
Trimble, Dalux, Plannerly and many more exciting tools are waiting for you.

With whom?

50 young and bright engineers and professionals. Yes, other young architects too.

In summary

What you can expect

Valuable projects
Cutting edge design methodology
Almost every aspect of BIM
Very good team
Good salary
Development, progress, learning
Guidance and mentoring available anytime
Colleagues available at all times
Cheerfulness 🙂

What you don’t need to worry about

Being left alone, getting stuck, collapsing
Unjustifiably competitive atmosphere

Have a look around the market!

Working at BuildEXT is an investment for you and for us. We want you to work for us, but only if you do. As a budding architect, you should read this article before applying. It will help you find out which architectural firms to choose from.


You’d ask anyway, so we’ll beat you to it…

Do I have to work during the training?

Yes, but we’ll take your current skills into account and you’ll get a job based on them.

What if there is no position for you?

You can still apply. And even if the position sounds scary at first. Your attitude is more important than your technical skills. If you have the drive and the self-esteem, we can teach you the details.

Can I still study in the meantime?

We will discuss this. There are examples now, but it doesn’t matter what kind of training we are talking about and how long it takes.

Do you have a home office?

We have, we work in hybrid mode, we tried it, it worked. Of course, there are times when you have to come in, because the project is at that stage. But those are the best days, really.

Will I be registered?

Of course! And a word of advice: don’t go to work in a place that tricks you into doing this, because sooner or later you’re bound to get it wrong.

How much do I need to know about Revit?

We’re happy if you’re in the know, we’ll teach you if you’re not. Don’t worry, we won’t select you for the team based on your current skills.

Struggling with your first CV?

If you feel like you have nothing to put on your CV as a budding architect, you might legitimately ask: how do you get it ready to get hired? Don’t sweat it, read this guide – trust me, you’ll be relieved and you’ll be able to put together a kick-ass CV yourself!

All clear?


Great! However, before you upload your CV, you should know that our junior quota is currently full, so we are not looking for new colleagues for entry-level positions. Also please note that native Hungarian language skills are required for any of the positions.

With this in mind, please upload your CV and portfolio (optional) using the form below. We’ll read it and be sure to get back to you. Build a career with BuildEXT!


I still have questions!

Go ahead, ask Dora, she has all the answers!

Dóra Pavlics

People & Culture Lead / HR manager


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