We shape our own future
by practicing architecture responsibly.

What we think
about architecture

We take responsibility for our future

The most important task of architecture today is to take into account the needs of its customers, users, and the environment at the same time, and even to flexibly manage their changes throughout the entire life cycle of the building.

We are not just drawing blueprints,
we are leading long, complex
and multi-stakeholder processes.

Therefore, we need to conduct communication between actors in the AEC industry and we also need to be technically able to adapt quickly. Together with customers and users, colleagues and partners, we ask the questions that lead to answers that last, not just today but tomorrow as well.

Csaba Livják’s thoughts

Csaba Livják the founder and the CEO of BuildEXT sums up his thoughts in the following:

We are in the middle of a revolution. Digitalization transforms the whole building industry.
My mission is to implement the new technology and not just talk about it, but to develop real-life BIM projects in the CEE region, from the early idea to facility management.

I believe we can reach it so I have been working on it for many years.

Fifty of my colleagues and one hundred and fifty of my engineering partners wake up every morning and get to work with the firm belief that our approach will truly change the status quo in design, construction, and building operations.

We believe that
we can make efficient, cost-effective,
and eco-friendly projects.”

  • We believe and work in a closed BIM workflow which eliminates design mistakes and enables the successful management of complex processes.
  • We believe in the web-based project platforms which increase the speed of change management and deliver the plans, 3D models, and the background information of the building elements in an interactive way.
  • We believe in human programming with AR and mixed reality, empowering all construction workers to build difficult systems quickly and accurately.

We design large and difficult factories, sites, industrial buildings, and interior spaces. We use high-end survey technologies and build digital twins of facilities. We do it in a very efficient way with the latest available technologies. We are agile and we are continuously learning.

We believe that with our knowledge and passion we can make efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly projects across the whole digital lifecycle.

How do we work

Let’s speak a common language using the BIM working method!

To turn a strong design into a reliable plan and later into an outstanding structure, a lot of participants need to work together successfully. Such a project without a transparent flow of information would break out a Babel.

We apply the BIM workflow from the beginning of design through the support of construction to optimization of facility management.

Therefore, we take advantage of the BIM working method and we invite all participants to a common – cloud-based – design table, where we make our decisions together and everyone adds their expertise to the project. This way we immediately increase quality, save time and save resources.

Design in a diverse team

In architectural design, the experience of many professionals condenses into an excellent design. The BIM working method reinforces the collaboration and rapid exchange of information, thus preventing design errors. The detailed digital environment helps us experiment with the best solution even on the drafting board.

Digitally supported construction

From the cost estimation to the completion of the building, all construction is burdened with ongoing problems and forced changes. The extraordinary advantage of the BIM working method is that these changes can be tracked quickly and transparently, saving time and money.

The application of the BIM workflow eliminates costly errors and additional work, thus significantly reducing the total cost and time of construction.

Optimized facility management

The as-built model, which is being constructed in parallel with the building, is key to sustainability. We can link the model to our facility via modern FM software, creating its digital twin. This can be used to optimize the operation of the building and reduce maintenance costs by orders of magnitude. In addition, it can be used immediately for any architectural or interior design renovation.


General design

We have been designing large-scale and complex industrial, commercial, office, and public buildings for more than 15 years.

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Interior Design

We design the ideal environments of the future. Our goal is to appeal more to human instinct, the human condition, and human sensibilities.

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BIM services

Having a sustainable approach we take care of the building throughout its entire lifecycle. Using BIM method we cover the HOIA phase 1-9 with different BIM-related services.

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Scan to BIM

We use the latest 3D laser scanner technology to survey buildings and sites. We process this information and provide services to reduce costs for our customers.

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Project management

By pushing all the advantages of BIM workflow we represent our client’s interest, reduce expenses and ensure the quality work of our consultants.

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What are we good at

The more complex the more comfortable

Our main profile is the general design of industrial, commercial, office, and public buildings and the support of their construction and operation. BuildEXT is characterized by outstanding architectural quality, an engineering approach, and innovative solutions.
We offer BIM solutions through the total lifecycle in order to make projects effective and sustainable from all economical, human, and ecological perspectives.
At BuildEXT, we shape our own future, including the competitiveness of the Hungarian construction industry, by practicing architecture responsibly.


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    h17 condominium

    Consideration and assimilation of existing building values in a vision

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  • Bank data center

    Bank data center

    Architectural design and coordination of a TIER 3+ security level, fully redundant banking data center and its adaptation to a new site.

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  • Academia


    Interior redesign of the representative Danube-side office building of the Academia. The project involved the design of 1800 m2 of community, commercial and office space.

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We are adaptive and resilient.
By being at the forefront of the BIM workflow we change the world around us.


The beginning

BuildEXT’s predecessor, n-Gon Studio was founded in 2008, right before the economical crisis. The crisis is teaching very quickly and even more ruthlessly, so after initial failures and blood sacrifices, the office soon started to grow rapidly. We were able to do something really well because our customers were happy to work with us and the projects were getting bigger and more complicated.

The turnaround

In 2017, we reached the limit of design technology commonly used today. After a torturous project, we decided not to do this anymore. We searched for the most advanced technology available and replaced almost every system and software that had provided everyday security until then. We are committed to the BIM workflow.


The company was established in 2019 and today develops and delivers services across the full spectrum of the expanded construction industry. Some that have not existed so far.

In 2021 BuildEXT got the BIM ISO 19650 certificate.

Today, nearly 50 colleagues, mostly architects and interior designers, manage the work of some 200 engineers, consultants, and staff of our strategic partners on a daily basis across the entire design spectrum. These partners are the most prepared, independent construction players in the CEU region, whose knowledge and experience have been organized around a common technology platform to carry out the general design of 150 projects per year with high service security.

We share a cheerful and supportive spirit because for us, a positive attitude is not a goal, but the way we operate.


Open to each other and to the world

An open-minded, supportive, cheerful team led by an engineering approach. We love to explore untrodden ways. We are not afraid to make mistakes because we can learn from them and we are happy to share this knowledge with each other.
For us, an engineering approach means taking overall responsibility for our environment. Therefore, if we want to achieve an impact beyond design, we need to create a world where architecture is a conscious service rather than ego-driven self-expression.

Come with us and be part of this exciting journey!