“Technology moves fast and reshapes our daily life.
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We design for innovators. We share a vision with special people.

“We believe in orchestrating the dialog between all the stakeholders, taking advantage of the building information modeling method. We introduce this new, digital ecosystem to everyone!”

We work with the entire lifecycle of the building in mind, coordinating the interests of all participants: we need to serve the needs of future users by focusing on the human condition. We have to take into account the environmental impacts and optimize the use of resources. And, of course, we have to keep in mind the economic needs of the customer to be able to create value together.

We deliver all of our services in a simultaneous and interdisciplinary manner. BIM workflow provides an effective platform for this open communication. We work with all stakeholders, share the information, and develop and learn together for a more sustainable future.

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We regularly welcome talented graduates.
See what life is like at BuildEXT as a graduate.

We have set up a special team with our expertise to implement BIM-based projects that reduce the energy footprint of the construction industry and thus actively contribute to a sustainable future. Join us, let’s shape the world together!

What are we like?

BuildEXT is an open-minded, supportive, cheerful team led by an engineering approach.
We love to explore untrodden ways. We are not afraid to make mistakes because we can learn from them and are happy to share this knowledge.
For us, an engineering approach means taking overall responsibility for our environment. We create a world where architecture is a conscious service rather than ego-driven self-expression.

How do we work?

For us, the cornerstones of a successful project are precise engineering, the integration of an innovative approach, and the provision of dialogue between actors. This endeavor is made possible by fully applying the BIM working method.
At BuildEXT, it is extremely important to control the flow of information between participants, because this way we can be sure that the building will be built as intended.

What do we offer?

Primarily large and complex projects. In Hungary we are unique in the way that we have integrated the BIM method into our workflow in a wide range, so we are working on exclusive works where the use of the latest, internationally accepted solutions is essential.
We trust each other, so everyone can enjoy a level of independence that suits their needs and abilities.
We are constantly helping and educating you to have up-to-date knowledge.
We do all this in a cheerful and supportive spirit because, for us, a positive attitude is not a goal but how we operate.

Open positions

Feel free to browse the opportunities and send us your CV if you think you’d like to join us in the future! The positions listed below are often open and we will contact you as soon as they become available. Please note that native Hungarian language skills are required for any of the positions.

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