We are Designers, Engineers, and Project managers delivering complete solutions from the idea, across the design, and construction coordination to the building operation. We believe that we can make efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly projects. Our mission is to implement the latest technology to develop real-life BIM projects in the CEE region.


We are a general design office

BuildEXT is an innovative international architectural firm. In Hungary, we are pioneering the combination of outstanding architectural quality with the most contemporary engineering and digitization tools. For that BuildEXT offers the full spectrum of BIM services for each phase of a building’s lifecycle.

General design

We have been designing large-scale and complex industrial, commercial, office, and public buildings for more than 15 years.

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Interior Design

We design the ideal environments of the future. Our goal is to appeal more to human instinct, the human condition, and human sensibilities.

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BIM services

Having a sustainable approach we take care of the building throughout its entire lifecycle. Using BIM method we cover the HOIA phase 1-9 with different BIM-related services.

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Scan to BIM

We use the latest 3D laser scanner technology to survey buildings and sites. We process this information and provide services to reduce costs for our customers.

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Project management

By pushing all the advantages of BIM workflow we represent our client’s interest, reduce expenses and ensure the quality work of our consultants.

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“We introduce the BIM workflow to everyone to
orchestrating the dialog between the stakeholders.”

Csaba Livják, founder and CEO of BuildEXT


“The technology moves fast
reshaping our daily life.
And it is exciting!”

Be part of the transformation of the
architecture into a new, fully digitalized
era. Work with us on this great future.


We are happy to get to know
good people, new projects
and original technologies!

Whatever the case, don’t hesitate to drop
us a message.

Recipient of Foreign Market Access Support
of National Export Protection Program.

Thank you to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and HEPA Hungarian Export Development Agency Nonprofit Zrt. for their support.

In 2020, our company won a tender to access foreign markets, as part of which we participate in trade fairs outside the EU, organize business meetings and roadshows, acquire equipment, and introduce the MSZ EN ISO 19650 standard in our company.

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