paradigm shift

BIM & ESG 2024

- June 27, 2024

Let’s face it: it hasn’t even really entered the public consciousness yet, and we already see too much ESG. Yet […]

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When is BIM good?

- May 30, 2024

Everyone thinks that BIM is about the building model, just because that's what the acronym directly translates to. But it's not! BIM is about collaboration...

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Forbes interview with Csaba Livják

- December 9, 2022

"He had turned the whole thing upside down, creating completely different designs to what the company originally asked for... It was sensational, the company has been using those plans ever since..." - Csaba Hortobágyi, Continental AG

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BuildEXT became a member of ÉVOSZ

- October 18, 2022

Through our daily work, developments, and projects within the organization, we can contribute even more effectively to the real digitalization of the Hungarian construction industry.

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