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Engineering services

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We have been designing large-scale and complex industrial, commercial, office, and public buildings. By being at the forefront of the BIM workflow, we can assist the customer in achieving the full potential of any project with the highest profit and the lowest possible risk.

Building lifecycle stages covered by our services

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General design

Taking responsibility for our future

The most important task of architecture today is to take into account the needs of its customers, users, and the environment at the same time, and even to flexibly manage their changes throughout the entire life cycle of the building.
Therefore, we need to conduct communication between actors in the AEC industry and we also need to be technically able to adapt quickly. We take advantage of the building information modeling method and we introduce this new, digital ecosystem to everyone.

Interior design

We put design quality into practice by using the latest digital tools.

Our independent interior design team is committed to creating inspiring spaces that improve the daily lives of the users. We facilitate interaction between people, promote work and learning, play and pleasure, concentration and relaxation.
Our interior designers’ expertise ranges from concept development, space planning, and interior design to furniture design, lighting and visualization.

BIM Services

Using the BIM working method, we speak a common language.

Our enhanced BIM workflow greatly increases the efficiency of design, construction, and maintenance work throughout the lifecycle of buildings. We use the hi-tech tools of digitalization to build, collaborate and share a highly automated, interactive, detailed information ecosystem. This keeps the construction process on target, on budget, and on time, and makes facility management more efficient and cheaper, with less environmental impact.

Scan to BIM

Accurate data is the foundation of excellent engineering.

Scan to BIM starts with a laser scan of the physical space or construction site and ends with the creation of a Building Information Model (BIM), a key source of data for architectural design, construction, or facility management.
Laser scanning is an extremely fast and accurate way to survey a site, existing building, new construction, or any object on the project site.

Project management

Digitalization in the AEC provides predictability.

In project management, we strive to ensure that our clients’ interests are met in terms of quality, costs, and deadlines under all circumstances. From the initial idea to the realization of the project, we support our clients in the coordination. We believe that the best results are achieved by managing communication between participants in CDE.

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You can access our architecture services through practice leaders. We can help you get the most out of your project at any stage of the architecture lifecycle.

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