ZenGarden offices

Facility management on a digital twin basis

ZenGarden offices

Client: ConvergenCE

Size: 9400 m2

Location: Budapest

Completion: 2020

Architect: Andrea Baktay

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Creating a digital twin

Initially, we were tasked with the interior design of the common areas of the ZenGarden office building. In line with our approach, we saw more potential in this task and decided to create the digital twin of the building. With the information stored in the digital twin, the aim was to achieve better space management, more economical refurbishment, streamlined preventive maintenance, easier expenditure and increased overall building value.

The BIM model is the basis for cost-effective facility management

Over an area of 9 400 m2, the entire office building was digitised with an accuracy of 1.5-5 cm using a scanner. We walked around the facility and ended the project with 800 scanning stations, more than 8 billion laser points across the floors and 600 GB of data.

Interior design based on BIM

When designing the interiors of the common spaces, we benefited from being able to quickly obtain accurate data about the building. This allowed us to produce detail plans, material estimates, cost estimates and all engineering calculations with a smaller margin of error. In practice, this meant that the ZenGarden office building owner was able to carry out the building refurbishment more quickly and cheaply, with less risk.

Tenants first

One of the most significant added values becomes apparent when a new or prospective tenant is considering an office conversion. The ability for the building owner to provide the tenant with a detailed building information model greatly speeds up the workflow. This means not only that the tenant knows the exact geometry of the rental property, but also that he can calculate the building’s mechanical capacities. This can both speed up the planning process and visibly reduce the running costs of the rental property in the long term.

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ZenGarden offices


Lead Architect: Andrea Baktay
Interior designer: Márta Nietsch
Architectural designers: Judit Juhász, Viktória Dang Thi, Bernadett Tóth, Emese Katinka Juhász, Attila Zengő, Adorján Vámos, Csaba Marton-Miklós, Attila Póllai

Fenyvesi Zsolt, Kósa Ákos, Kapitor György, Helfrich Franciska, Megyesi Tünde

Photo & CGI
BuildEXT, ConvergenCE

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