continental site budapest

5 years, 5 phases. Complete factory development
for one of the world's leading automotive companies.

Continental site

Client: Continental Automotive Hungary Ltd.

Size: 30 100 m2

Location: Budapest

Completion: 2020

Architect: Sándor Nagy

Awards: Ipar 4.0 mintagyár

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The joy of a technical challenge

We are planning a complete site development of 30 100 m2 in 5 phases over 5 years for Continental, one of the world’s leading automotive companies. The assignment was particularly exciting for us because the expansion of an industrial facility with complex systems is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the BIM-based working method we use.

continental tetőszerkezet

The technological complexity of industrial buildings becomes manageable with BIM.

Continental as a customer

Continental’s Budapest plant manufactures automotive electronics products for the world’s leading automotive manufacturers, applying highly advanced and innovative technologies in almost all areas of automotive electronics. The Budapest plant focuses on the production of key systems for self-driving, electrically powered and internet-connected vehicles, such as electric control units, drive systems, mechatronic systems, displays, infotainment systems.


Scan to BIM at industrial scale

The quality of architectural work is greatly influenced by the data available. This is particularly true in the case of a renovation or extension. That’s why we are happy to rely on the expertise of our in-house scanning team. In this case too, we recorded a point cloud based on a laser scan of the entire site. This is the centimetre-accurate data set that we used to build the building information model (BIM) on which the design is based.

Working in a common data environment

CDE is the basis for smooth communication

As an architect, coordinating the client, the contractor and the designers is always a challenge. This was particularly true in this particular case, where the project had to comply with precisely standardised industry standards, while the conversion was divided into five phases in terms of time and space. We were able to successfully coordinate the processes because the data created in a closed BIM system was stored and shared with all participants in a cloud-based shared data environment.

With our help, the Continental site has started its journey through its own BIM lifecycle. This will make all future modifications, conversions and operational challenges easier and faster. The building information model created from the site will serve the client’s interests in the long term and provide them with the opportunity to increase efficiency.

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Representative interior

In addition to the engineering challenges of complex industrial solutions, we were proud that our interior design team was also given an important role in the development plans for the headquarters. We had to design high quality office and community spaces to meet representative needs. And perhaps the most exciting part of the project was the design of a meeting room and associated roof terrace in a steel-framed glass-fronted cube on the upper level of the headquarters.

The Continental site development project is particularly appealing to us because our office’s wide-ranging knowledge and open approach to technological innovation are perfectly suited to the challenges of the task.

Continental site


Architect: Sándor Nagy
Architectural designers: Kardos Sándor, Miljanovis Kíra, Rózsa Péter, Somsák Tamás, Varga János, Zengő Attila, Goda Levente

Schmidt Barna, Krieger Balázs, Szabóné Mészáros Andrea Katalin

Photo & CGI

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