The elegant swimming pool
hiding in the garden of the school in Sárospatak

Swimming pool

Client: Sárospataki Református Kollégium Gimnáziumáért Alapítvány

Size: 1335 m2

Location: Sárospatak

Completion: 2023

Architect: Csaba Faltusz

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Within the framework of the Zemplén Development project, the aim of the development is to create a separate swimming pool for the students of the Reformed College of Sárospatak’s Secondary and Primary School, suitable for swimming lessons within the physical education lessons, within the area of the World Heritage Site, in the School Garden.

Északi homlokzat az Erdélyi Kollégium felől

Designed for a World Heritage site, the building’s discreet appearance blends in with its surroundings.

New object among historic buildings

The gymnasium is located in the eastern half of the seven-hectare park of the property, which includes the Kossuth and Transylvania Boarding School buildings and the newly built Sports Hall. The planned facility will be built on a very tight budget compared to the program. The design was therefore focused on meeting functional needs and sustainable operation, with cost-effective solutions being a key priority.


In its appearance, with its timeless, high-quality use of materials, object-like massing, and reflective glass surfaces, the schoolhouse planned for the World Heritage site does not seek to compete with the centuries-old listed buildings in its surroundings but rather blends with that, retreating into the background, neutrally, with a restrained appearance typical of the Reformed tradition.

Facade open to the school garden

Installation and functions

The new building will be located on the western side of the schoolyard, next to the Erdélyi dormitory block. The service functions are located behind the closed facade of the street front. The eastern glass façade of the pool area overlooks the sheltered garden of the schoolyard, which is densely planted with trees.

The more closed facade facing József Attila street

According to the planned use, the building will be used by one class at a time, and the changing room block design will allow for parallel dressing and undressing during the 15-minute break.
There are two pools in the pool area, the large teaching pool is a 15 x 25m big and 2.0m deep teaching pool with 6 swimming lanes, which is also suitable for water polo, while the small or children’s pool is a 10 x 6.5m shallow pool of varying depths, mainly for teaching primary school pupils.
Above the block of dressing rooms there is a gallery level for the attendants, while the basement level houses the mechanical and electrical rooms.

BIM ISO 19650 certification

General design with BIM methodology

BuildEXT was among the first in Hungary to obtain the ISO 19650 certification. In practice, this means that the efficiency of the design has been greatly increased. We communicated with both the engineers and the client on a cloud-based platform. Thus the architects jointly built the BIM model with the mechanical, electrical, and structural engineers. As a result, the design was completed faster and with technical issues immediately identified and corrected.

The BIM workflow helps the client, the designers and the building contractor. A successful project is based on effective information sharing.

Dalux from design to construction

For cloud-based communication and information sharing, we use a software called Dalux. It helps us in three main areas. Firstly, it is the basis for collaboration with different engeneers. Secondly, it is an excellent way of showing the client in detail, even with a spatial model, the smallest details of the building. Thirdly, the up-to-date model and plan sheets can be checked on site with the help of smart devices, thus supporting the construction and preventing possible errors.

Engineering thoughtfulness creates value

The link with tradition, school and spirit is expressed in the facade with contemporary graphic signs, quotations and interior design references to centuries-old water life, while the landscape elements are made with local stone from the Hangács zeolite tiles, using local stone from the Tokaj-Hegyalja architectural tradition.
The aim was to design a building that would be restrained in a traditional environment, yet with its thoughtful engineering, pure functionality, and careful use of materials, it would represent contemporary values that could guide future developments.

Swimming pool - minimalistic interior

Swimming pool


Architect: Csaba Livják
Lead Architect: Csaba Faltusz
Architectural design staff: Sándor Nagy, Attila Tóth, Andrea Baktay, Bence Krajnyák N., Tamás Somsák, Balázs Sóti, Dávid Lovász, Márk Felső

Géza Balázs, Tamás Baráth, Szilveszter Benke, Róbert Csott, Zita Tappler, Kovácsné Kattalin Papp, Antal Glöckl, Dr János Szendefy

Photo & CGI
BuildEXT, Építész Stúdió, Céh

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