BuildEXT’s ISO 19650 documentation in the top 5

We have prepared our documentation so precisely and thoroughly that auditing company Simply Cert Institute has ranked it among the TOP 5 ISO documentation of all time and tends to use it later in a marketing campaign in the UK.

In addition to providing a framework for our operations, ISO 19650 certification also has a significant meaning to the market: it grants that we deliver BIM projects in a professional workflow that meets international standards.

From June 2021, BuildEXT
will operate according to the
international BIM certification.

We are also among the best in Europe in terms of the workflow we apply.

“I am very proud of the team because obtaining such a qualification is a serious achievement in itself. We are not the only ones who are able to do this, but the fact that the audit company ranks us among the bests tells us that Hungary can also provide outstanding performance at the international level in the field of BIM and digital construction. ” – said Csaba Livják, founder and CEO of the company.

Our company started preparing for the certification within the framework of HEPA Foreign Market Entry Support that we won Compliance with the certification was not a big challenge, as for four years we have been designing everything in closed, Revit-based, classified BIM models. So we were not unprepared for the fact that the ISO 19650 standard has now been tightened up and has been brought under UKAS (The United Kingdom Accreditation Service). We had had to meet this extended set of expectations.

However, it came as a surprise that audit company claimed already in Stage 1 that, considering the quality of the documentation submitted by BuildEXT is among the TOP 5 of the certified ones in Europe. Qualification documentation was prepared in the Plannerly BIM management platform and after the online audit, we received the following serious recognition.

The audit institute informed our colleagues that they would like to make a promotional footage based on our ISO documentation, the workflow, and the usage of the software in order to help and promote ISO 19650 certification in the UK.

The campaign is scheduled for 2022, but it is there is a good chance that BuildEXT will appear on different platforms of the audit company earlier.

BuildEXT BIM ISO 19650 certification

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