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Engineering Detailed Design – MEP

With years of expertise in closed BIM technology and various CDE environments, we are using unique workflows and design approaches. Our goal is to provide and deliver quality plan documentation with all necessary quantities from BIM models.

Our ISO 19650 audited BIM services are capable of designing, coordinating, and modeling large-scale and complex industrial, commercial, office, and public building projects.

Structured workflow in various MEP disciplines

Our key feature is to ensure document delivery from structured BIM models. With the advantages of closed BIM technology, we can work more effectively and focus on detailing and quality.

Alongside the customer demands, on our projects, we have to comply frequently with various standards and codes such as ISO, EN standards, LEED, BREEAM demands.

For large-scale and complex projects, the CDE environment is also a key feature for the successful management of multidisciplinary designs. In our workflow, we can channel all disciplines to have the same quality in BIM. Our closed BIM ecosystem is connected to CDE environments as well.

In the scope of MEP Services BuildEXT has ready-to-go solutions:


From Comfort systems such as; Air ventilation, Heating-Cooling, and Plumbing to Gas and Technology service connection sub-systems.


Quality documentation from Low Voltage systems and Lighting design to extra low voltage systems (e.g. Security, Fire Alarm, and BMS).


In the scope of fire protection, Building Fire protection, Built-in Extinguishing systems, and Fire Alarm systems are our key areas.

We organize unstructured data

MEP engineering with a practical BIM development

Our organization has a strong drive and culture of developing work methods and seeking new solutions. At the start of our BIM implementation, our primary objective was to unify all MEP-related disciplines to ensure consistent quality using available BIM solutions.

Today we can prepare our design & model approach for BIM-based analyses, and simulations, and the as-built model is ready and capable of providing data for Facility Management.

Looking ahead, we are currently exploring ways to integrate AI into our MEP BIM ecosystems.

Focus on time savings and accuracy

Quality and speed are key features of BIM. To ensure quality, we have implemented quality checks and ensure methods into our MEP design and modeling workflow. Part of this comes from best practice design approaches and carefully considered model preparation.

To ensure speed alongside quality we are using various analysis tools as well. All of these results are connected to CDE eco-systems such as Revizto, Autodesk Construction Cloud, and Dalux. With this combined methodology we provide a quick and transparent overview to our clients.

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Mechanical Design & Modeling

➔ Solutions and Workflow

Our role in BIM-based mechanical design is to ensure that the mechanical content of the models is properly worked out down to the last detail. This includes the various system calculations, bill of quantities, P&ID-s as well as the clash coordinated models. Beyond the design phase, we support construction and project management with CDE.

➔ Data Management

We use our template systems to create all design data in a structured order, from the type to the last instance. Using a combination of Revit’s built-in parameters and additional shared parameters allows us to create full models and designs at every stage of the process, from concept to as-built models. This also includes models optimized for facility maintenance.

Our system is also flexible in terms of data management to meet clients’ requirements in adding extra details, model-based calculations, and preparation for simulation facility management uses.

➔ Calculations & Model based design scope

We can validate our designs and models according to international regulations and standards such as ISO, Ashrae, EN, FM, LEED. Our calculation methods are integrated into our BIM-based ecosystem.

Weinberg project - MEP services from BuildEXT

MEP disciplines
in connection

Electrical Design & Modeling

➔ Solutions and Workflow

Based on electrical design, the main data in a project is stored in Revit models. Similar to the MEC discipline, we provide complete data about the modeled or designed elements and systems during the project with the other disciplines taken into account.

We also use a combination of Revit native functionality and advanced electrical design plug-ins. This gives us leverage in load calculations, circuit design, lighting design, and earthing.

➔ Low Voltage

In the case of low voltage design, our scope of design starts from the site/power supply entry point of the building and goes all the way to the very last endpoint. With a wide portfolio of electrical manufacturers, we can offer different solutions for any type of project in compliance with EN and ISO standards.

In the case of detail drawings we provide all in Revit; from P&ID schematics to switchboard detail plans. Alongside with accurate bill of quantities.

➔ Lighting Design

In the scope of lighting design, the two main factors are calculation and geometry. In our own BIM approach, we create lighting designs to fulfill electrical and interior design requirements as well.

➔ Earthing and Lightning Protection

Within the scope of Earthing & Lightning Protection, these kinds of discipline-related elements are hardly countable in quantity form in the industry.

BuildEXT has developed a workflow to support design calculation with actual earthing and lighting simulations. We have also developed a Revit family template system to make all the equipment related to grounding systems properly displayed and countable in 3D.

Transparent design
data visualization

Fire Protection Design & Modelling

➔ Solutions and Workflow

Fire safety is perhaps the least addressed area of BIM and it is also approached differently in various countries. To meet the needs of our customers, we have divided fire protection into 3 sub-disciplines.

Each BIM-based fire protection discipline entities have their templates and Revit families. During a project design collaboration, each of them is taken into account to create complex fire protection. This goes from the concept phase to the end of the design.

➔ Architecture Fire Protection

Architecture-based designs such as wall fire protection ratings, fire compartment data, and fire hydrant hose length plans are placed in the Revit Architecture model. The associated hazard classifications and fire alarm zoning are also placed in the architectural model.

Depending on the project requirements, this method can prove its worth to both the third-party design team and the client. With this method, all fire protection information is available in the related building model without having to open the other related discipline containing the detailed design.

➔ Built-in extinguishing systems

Built-in fire protection systems such as sprinklers are designed in a separate model.

Calculation modules are linked to the models. From detail design, P&IDs to zoning is presented in a BIM environment. Our solutions in sprinklers, from wet to dry systems can meet the requirements of VdS, FM, NFPA as well as local legislation requirements.

➔ Fire Alarm & Detection

As it is mainly fire and electrical protection related, Fire Alarm & Detection also has a separate model during a project design to maintain data integrity.

With its warehouse, template, and prepared parameters, from BS to EN standards we can provide solutions.

Complex fire protection solutions
in a consistent quality

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