Presenting AI at the ERSTE Customer Meeting Series

Csaba Livják, Managing Director of BuildEXT, presented as an invited speaker at client meetings for ERSTE’s key partners. The series of events, which started in April, took place in 6 locations in the countryside and 3 in Budapest.

The event aims to raise awareness among the bank’s key partners of the challenges posed by the explosion of artificial intelligence and to provide them with practical, useful information on the subject.

“Artificial intelligence is no longer the future, but the present. Pandora’s box has opened and it’s up to us to be the beneficiaries or the sufferers,” said the invitation to the flagship partners. The events were opened by a welcome speech by Róbert Cselovszki (Deputy CEO Corporate and Financial Markets) and László Somlai (Head of Private Banking), followed by a twenty-minute capital markets outlook, and then Csaba Livják took the floor.

Csaba Livják, the founding CEO of BuildEXT, speaks at the ERSTE client meeting (Photo: Orsi Egressy)
Csaba Livják, the founding CEO of BuildEXT, speaks at the ERSTE client meeting (Photo: Orsi Egressy)

The presentation of the CEO of BuildEXT, entitled “Artificial Intelligence – or the opportunities and threats of an epochal change”, presented the opportunities and threats of AI in our everyday life from a very practical point of view.

The presentation started with a brief overview of the evolution of the technology, and then immediately went into the deep end, as Csaba gave a live demonstration of the advanced nature of voice cloning, highlighting some of the security risks that are already present.

Artificial intelligence is the fastest-growing technology ever and we need to be able to live with it; whereas a year and a half ago it was only a distant possibility, today we are using it on a daily basis in many areas. Not necessarily with bad intentions, of course: generative design, midjourney imaging and text to video prompting are part of BuildEXT’s daily workflow, but the team also uses various software for lead generation and information research and sorting.

Of course, the deep fake surrealism of the Black Mirror series is also knocking on the door and quite rightly begs the question: whose job is AI taking and in what areas are we already using it as a job aid? What is the difference between the European and the Far Eastern approach and how is this reflected in the money that is invested in the development of the area and the pace of development of each market? Where do we enter the world of avatars and how do our devices come to life, how does Chinese robotics catch up with the world of Boston Dynamics?

We hosted the Boston Dynamics robot dog at BuildEXT two years ago (Video: BuildEXT)

If he did not answer all the questions, the CEO gave many examples and data on the above. At the end of the presentation, the participants were also given an insight into what tools he, as a company manager and architect, already uses in BuildEXT on a daily basis and how he can expect to see improvements in his personal and organisational working days.

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