We presented at the Dalux User Day 2024 event in Budapest

Every year, Dalux organises a series of free events, the Dalux User Day, for software engineers in the country where the software is used. The one-day programme showcased projects that will help construction professionals to learn good practices that will enable them to be more efficient in their daily work.

Speakers at the Dalux User Day 2024 event in Budapest (Photo: Dalux)
Speakers at the Dalux User Day 2024 event in Budapest (Photo: Dalux)

Danish construction software developer Dalux invited BuildEXT to present again this year, and our fit-out project manager Ágnes Révész represented the company at the event on 28 May, alongside Csaba Livják. The presentation “What good is a good chainsaw if you can’t use it and don’t have the petrol – or what Dalux can do with a good data model in good hands” started with a strong start: in many cases, market players still confuse the 3D model without real information with the building information model. The parallel drawn by the CEO is a bit like saying that the IFA truck is an electric car, simply because it has a battery.

He then demonstrated in a number of different anonymous and named projects how digitalisation tools have accelerated design to an astonishing degree, while avoiding mistakes or uncovering design problems. As an example of the latter, he cited a project where he compared a third-party conceptual design with a point cloud model of the existing condition, revealing design flaws and the already foreseeable need for hundreds of millions of euros in additional work.

A good example was the recently completed Weinberg office building project, which was also designed and built according to ISO 19650 using BIM methodology from the very beginning.

Office buildings have been a particular focus of BuildEXT’s life over the past year, and the success of the ACADEMIA project, which won the Renovated Office Building of the Year award, and the GIRO project, which was shortlisted for the BigSEE award, were both based on BIM methodology, including the use of Dalux as a CDE environment.

The second half of the presentation continued with the slides of our colleague Ágnes Révész, who highlighted the importance of integration and information flow in relation to the GIRO project. As all information was collected, stored and shared on the Dalux platform, transparent, well-documented processes could be established. Ongoing communication within a regulated framework has ensured that all stakeholders have access to the information they need.

Ágnes also highlighted the possibility of tracking and managing process lead times and simplifying the tracking of a large number of tasks, supported by videos and concrete figures. He concluded the presentation with concrete, practical tips that all Dalux users can use, thanking once again the investor for his openness towards innovative solutions.

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