Complex technical challenges,
uniform interior design solutions

Körösladány Sports Centre

Client: Municipality of Körösladány

Size: 4562 m2

Location: Körösladány

Architect: Andrea Baktay



The Körösladány Sports Center is an investment of major importance for the national economy, which will include a gymnasium and a swimming pool. Our team was mainly asked to design the interior of the swimming pool, but we were also involved in the sports hall project.

Multi-purpose functionality

For the maintenance and economic operation of the two facilities, it was important that they could also perform other revenue-generating functions. Therefore, although the swimming pool offers swimming lessons mainly for schoolchildren, it also serves public purposes in the remaining time and, together with the gym, it can provide a complex service thanks to the wellness and fitness areas.

The Körösladány Sports Center project was a complex one: we had to design robust, complex technical solutions based on the existing concept, which required a high level of interdisciplinary cooperation during the design phase. Our primary task was therefore to translate these diverse needs and expectations into coherent interior design solutions.

Spacious swimming pool area
with bright surfaces


The façade colors of the two buildings, the gymnasium, and the swimming pool were given, so the colors of the plaster, the slabs, the lamellas, and the reinforced concrete panels were used to create the interior and signage.

We proposed the use of complementary colors and wood to create harmonious signage and internal spatial dynamics that clearly represent the functions. We were looking for pairs of colors that complemented each other well and we developed our vision along these lines.

We wanted to offer the client a variety of moods, so we didn’t stop at just one variation, we presented our designs in different color combinations.

Bright spaces

Our assignment included tiling, suspended ceiling, and lighting design, decoration and furniture design, suspended ceiling concept, information boards, and equipment. Within this framework, our team of interior designers was responsible for creating the atmosphere of the entire building, i.e. the reception area, buffet, cloakroom, gallery, fitness reception area, and central water block.

The choice of tiles, tiling, suspended ceiling, lighting design, backing wall, and graphic solutions for information signs, markings, and lettering were all aimed at creating an attractive and modern facility for the Körösladány sports center.

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Körösladány swimming pool


Architects: Zoltán Schadl, Csaba Tóth, Zsolt Bánhegyi
Design consultant: Péter Bach
Architect staff: Ildikó Boholy, László Kenyeres, Ádám Farkas

Interior designer: Andrea Baktay
Architectural designers: Dávid Cserháti, Viktória Dang Thi, Kata Váradi

Static: Géza Balázs
Building engineering: Zoltán Túri
Electrical: Miklós Fülöp
Fire protection: Tamás Garai
Swimming pool technology: István Varga
Landscape architect: Gábor Karádi
Acoustics: Róbert Csott
Environmental protection: István Pásztor
Rehabilitation:Sára Rózsa
Road planning: Tibor Vágási
Sports Technology: Zita Tappler
Public utilities: Béla Bévárdi
Geotechnics: Krisztián Reisingler

Photo & CGI

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