Gerevich Aladar National Sports Hall

The renewal of a legendary sports facility

Gerevich Aladar National Sports Hall

Client: Nemzeti Sportközpontok

Location: Budapest

Architect: Attila Tóth

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The aim was to renovate the prestigious and historically importantGerevich Aladár National Sports Hall. The interior design was carried out using the BIM working method, which was based on a laser survey on site.

The first indoor sports hall in Hungary

The National Sports Hall was completed in 1941 and was the first sports hall in Hungary. The building was designed by Gyula Rimanóczy and his colleagues. In 2010, on the 100th anniversary of the birth of the seven-time Olympic champion fencer, it was named the Aladár Gerevich National Sports Hall. The hall and its buildings have hosted numerous world championships over the decades.

It has hosted, for example, the world championships in pentathlon (1969, 1992), fencing (1975) and weightlifting (1990), as well as the European championships in aerobics and sumo. The fencing World Cups are regularly held here, as are the national championships in several sports. The hall is also suitable for concerts, dance competitions, proms, exhibitions, conferences, business and political events.

Scan to BIM is the cornerstone of renovation

Our task was the architectural and interior design for the complete reconstruction of the west wing of this historic building. A thorough analysis was carried out from the structural, mechanical, electrical, energy, and fire protection points of view. To document and understand the building in such depth, we used the latest laser scanning technology.

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Facilities and services

The 400-square-metre arena, with a 1,900-seat grandstand, is suitable for aerobics, table tennis, wrestling, judo, karate, boxing, rhythmic gymnastics, weightlifting and fencing competitions and matches. The facility also includes a gymnasium, a wrestling room, a ballroom, a small and a large fencing room. Other facilities include: seven changing rooms, a press room, a protocol room, a sauna, a cafeteria and a medical room.

Refubrishment without downtime

Hundreds of children play the sport in the legendary hall and its adjacent buildings, and professional athletes – including Olympic and world champions – also train here for national and international competitions. We, therefore, had to plan and schedule the renovation so that the facility was in continuous use. This posed a challenge for all involved, but it was a great help that the plans were processed in a cloud-based shared data environment. This always facilitates communication between all participants.

Gerevich Aladar National Sports Hall


Project leader, lead architect: Attila Tóth
Architectural designer: Sándor Nagy, Adorján Vámos
Architectural designers: Adorján Vámos, Kíra Miljanovits, Zsófia Németh, Bernadett Tóth, István Tóth, András Szendrő, Attila Zengő, Zoltán Sor, András Máramarosi, Zsolt Fenyvesi

Static: Balázs Hosszú, Gábor Fekete
Building Engineering: Zoltán Sor
Electrical: András Máramarosi
Structure: Attila Ámon
Accessibility: Zsolt Sipos

Photo & CGI
BuildEXT, Építészfórum

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