A transition space for recharging.

Bosch winter garden

Client: Robert Bosch Ltd.

Size: 230 m2

Location: Budapest

Architect: Attila Tóth

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Robert Bosch Ltd. planned to redevelop office and laboratory space in its existing properties and existing leaseholds. The investments have been carried out in two phases, with Phase 2 works being carried out on completion of Phase 2, with the departments moved out of their previous location. The customer engaged our office as a professional partner for the preparation of the design plans for the conversion works to be carried out and, following the selection of the contractors, for the execution of the works and the handover.

The transitory, indoor-outdoor spaces are inherently conducive to relaxed contemplation.

At home in the workplace

Changing workplace demands

Our perceptions of the workplace have changed markedly in recent times. Employers are placing great emphasis on providing work spaces that are both functional and inspiring for their employees.

For Bosch, it was also a key objective to enrich interiors with elements that enhance the feeling of homeliness and comfort. With this in mind, we envisioned the newly designed canteen as a conservatory-like extension. The fully glazed north-western facade provides natural light and the planned hanging green islands and living plant walls create a unique atmosphere.

The natural materials used in the furniture, such as wood, leather and textiles, add to the homely feel. Visible but black painted ceilings add to the sense of space and are acoustically beneficial while being a cost-effective solution. We prepared building permit- and construction plans to realize our vision, but the Covid pandemic thwarted the implementation.

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Bosch winter garden


Lead architect: Attila Tóth
Architectural designers: Tóth Bernadett, Dulic Dejan

Static: Balázs Hosszú, Gábor Fekete
Building Engineering: János Áy, Eszter Böttger
Electrical: Attila Pál, Ernő Czakó

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Attila Tóth

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