Architectural design
with extremely tight deadlines

Andritz office building

Client: Andritz Ltd.

Size: 3000 m2

Location: Tiszakécske

Completion: 2013

Architect: Csaba Livják

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Andritz’s office building was built after six years of production, and the significance of the project is reflected in the fact that it was the occasion to introduce the company to the wider public in the region. The project is a memorable one for us too, not only because of the quality of its implementation but also because of the extremely tight deadlines.

General design

We had a total of 4 days to prepare the complete concept, including the demolition of existing buildings, design of traffic and safety zones, and the floor plan of the entire office building based on the client’s requirements taken from practice.

We had 4 days to prepare
the full concept plan

The office had to be designed for 90 people, including a social area for up to 400 people and a medical clinic.

After the delivery of the architectural plans, the company asked our office to prepare the interior design plans.

Interior Design

The difficulty in this task was again caused by the short time available, as the building was already structurally ready when the design could start. Despite this, we managed to select almost all the furniture, lighting fixtures and tiling within 3 weeks. All this has been summarised in a detailed interior design documentation.

Perhaps the best testimony to the success of the project is the striking resemblance between our visual plans of the planned state and the photographs of the actual implementation.

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Andritz office building


Architect: Csaba Livják
Architectural design: Sándor Kardos

Photo & CGI

Csaba Livjak

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