Regime change in architecture

The architecture is evolving like car mechanics; once a good mechanic could fix any car, now he can do more harm than good without proper tools.

The fact is that cars have evolved and different control, safety, and comfort systems have appeared. In fact, electric cars are now available.

Today, no matter how good a mechanic is, if he doesn’t have the specific knowledge, software, and technological equipment, he can do more damage to a Tesla or an AMG Mercedes than if he doesn’t touch it.

It is the same in architecture, and I can tell you I experience it every day.

It used to be that a good designer could design almost anything, and all you needed was a pencil and a lot of time. Then the pencil was replaced by CAD, but the essence hasn’t changed.

Only in the meantime, the buildings started to become more complex, with different control, security, and comfort systems. These brought the need for new solutions in design.

That said, if a house is simple, it can still be designed by a good designer. The problem starts when the house is getting complicated or large. This is when we get to the complexity of the electric car, which requires special software, specialized experts, and software synergies. At this level, a traditional design office can do more harm than good.

The solution is obvious. You have to see what kind of house you have.

If it is a single-family home, condo, warehouse, or office and you’re looking for the comfort that a Zsiguli (Lada) can provide, anyone can design it.

If you want extras, and you want to have “clever” engineering and control systems like those in a 5-year-old Opel Astra, you should take it to a well-equipped workshop, or design office, with a computer.

But if you want something special, not just extra – a data center, a laboratory, a technology building, a factory, or a high-tech office – and you want the power, performance, and user experience of a Tesla, for example, and you want it to be built without problems and easy to operate in a digital system…

Only one or two players in the country will be able to do it right,

and only in Western Europe will you find a brand service with references, on brutal terms, at a high price.

The good news is that the world’s leading solutions are already available here at home, you just have to do your homework and find the right partner.

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