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Szavazz az ACADEMIA irodaházra Az Év Irodája versenyen!

ACADEMIA in the Office of the Year competition

- January 18, 2024

From January, office projects can be voted for in the Office of the Year competition, which has been a major event in the real estate market for thirteen years. This year, two of our projects related to the ACADEMIA office building are among the entries, both of which are eligible for valid votes.

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Megújult lobby (Green Walk Academia bejárás)

Green Walk Academia tour

- September 13, 2023

For the first time, the Academia office building was included in the Green Walk's green building walk. The sustainability-focused event saw the opening of buildings in Budapest for a few hours where ESG considerations were not just words.

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Reducing energy costs with digital twin

- October 11, 2022

With today's energy prices, any business manager with a real estate portfolio would give half a hand to have a single high-level dashboard that can analyze and visualize in real-time which of their properties is what size, what condition and how much of what they are consuming.

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An average job ad

- February 8, 2022

A typical job advertisement starts with "We are looking for a technology-savvy architect with experience in interior design for the position of Senior Designer"... But who the hell cares about a typical job advertisement?

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