Manufacturing simulation with the simplicity of a game software

Yesterday I watched the first episode of the first season of Knight Rider with my kids. I did this as a kind of historical retrospective. In the end, I wondered why the robbers didn’t understand why the car was talking.

This is understandable, as I was looking at the Mercedes voice command system with my son a few days ago and K.I.T.T. has arrived.

Manufacturing simulation is already a reality

I similarly wonder about this production simulation software. That the physics of running a factory can be handled with the simplicity of a strategy game software. But it is also increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives.

The virtual production design in 3D in the digital twin, with real-time data, based on gamification, simply from the browser (Moicon)

Today, as architects, our basic workflow is to build a digital replica of a complete factory or building under the heading of design, from which the plans are generated.

To do this, we connect a web-based project platform in CDE to the model, which speeds up design coordination, change management, and construction.

The mobile app-based AR visualization radically reduces design errors and makes operations simple as pie. And as a side effect, in a few years’ time, it will be possible to simulate production in the digital twin, where it can also be optimized.

As a side effect, in a few years’ time,
production will be simulated in the digital twin,
where optimization will be possible.

Of course, this will be available to those who have a usable BIM model in native format, with structured information content, usable interfaces, and not just a 3D geometry exported and stitched together from all kinds of software, with a theoretical clash detection that is beyond reality.

So, if you’re about to build and you’re investing in BIM, it’s a good decision. Just look carefully at what you buy, and from who.

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