CCCH business breakfast at BuildEXT

Members of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce in Canada had breakfast and learned about the implications of digitalization and artificial intelligence for the construction industry. Representing BuildEXT, Csaba Livják shared his thoughts with the participants.

The event was opened by Nicholas Sarvari, President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCCH), and the next minute an avatar captured the audience’s attention with a poem written by OpenChatGPT for the event.

CCCH business breakfast

Afterward, Csaba Livják got to the heart of the matter by creating a quick visual design of a building on the spot with the audience’s participation and by demonstrating some of the technologies used by BuildEXT.

The question naturally arises: what will be the impact of generative design and AI solutions that arrive daily on architecture in the coming years?

To do this, we need to understand where we are now in the evolutionary process that has shaped the construction industry over the last 30 years – and to do this, the founder of BuildEXT has used the image of Fernando Morales Tosar.

From CAD-based design in the 1990s to 3D, we have now entered the era of BIM, which we know is just one step in the evolution: the next evolution will be shaped by the digital twin and the Metaverse. We see signs of this when we see spectacular, futuristic videos somewhere, but we need to be aware that in many cases the technology we see is already being used in practice in some sectors.


It was further demonstrated that

  • how we use technology across the digital lifecycle;
  • how this will affect the life of individual firms;
  • what factors can hinder real organizational digitalization?

The event ended with a good discussion and technology demo.

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