Will there be a Chamber of Engineers in the Metaverse?

I admit to being dubious about the expansion of the Metaverse, and while I have no idea what the jury might actually perceive in real life, it is certainly spectacular to see how the avatar technology of cinema takes us into the realm of cartoons.

Could it be that the architects of the next generation will be designing Metaverse buildings in hundreds of parallel dimensions, at the Metaverse’s Chamber of Engineers’ rates? Or will there be world- and avatar designer star designers working with special effects engineers on the animation of buildings and characters?

Perhaps this is still a long way off, but I can easily imagine potential architects and visual designers – the better ones already calling themselves “virtual storytellers” – being absorbed by the rapidly growing creative demands of the virtual world.

But what is the point of it all?

We must provide jobs and good living conditions
for the five billion of our fellow human beings born
in the last 50 years, tripling the world’s population.

In reality, we can only do this by keeping our standards low, but in the virtual replica of Earth, the Metaverse, everyone can live in a wonderful place, be rich and the sky’s the limit.

Whether it will remain at the level of entertainment or become part of many people’s lives, who will build the real world in the process, with often tedious work, and how this talismanic glamour will shape values and human relationships is a tricky question.

Csaba Livjak

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