Iconic panorama
in the heart of the Zemplén

Tokaj lookout TV tower

Client: Tokaj Wine Region Development Nonprofit Ltd.

Location: Tokaj


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As part of the complex tourist development of Kopasz Hill, bordered by the municipalities of Tokaj, Tarcal, and Bodrogkeresztúr, we received an exciting invitation. Our task was to create a unified concept design for the Tokaj TV tower, including exterior visuals that blend in with the landscape.

An emblematic creation

From the Tokaj TV station, we wanted to create an attractive and spectacular complex with eye-catching architecture and a night-time appearance that would attract visitors from 50-80 km away.

Impressive and
unique steel structure

Lookout tower

Leaving the existing TV tower intact, we designed an additional steel structure, stairs, and a lift to create the new viewing platform.

The new level will be built directly below the tower’s original maintenance room, providing a sheltered viewing level. The structure is supported by a net of straight steel tubes as secondary support, which gives a visual twisting effect.

The panorama from the
new observation deck is unforgettable


Minimal alterations to the building have created a spacious space, which can be accessed through a closed passage from the café. By dividing the longitudinal space, several exhibitions can be arranged for a seamless experience.

On the lower level, there is an externally accessible storage room to serve the exhibition. It includes an office and a wet block to assist in the operation.

Central building

With the minimal renovation of the existing building, a central building will be constructed to serve the operation of the facility, which will include a café, a sports shop, equipment rental, and luggage storage.

Streetfood and panorama buffet

For the comfort of hikers, paragliders, and other tourists, a panoramic terrace and buffet under the carport, reminiscent of the wine cellars of the wine region, will be available.


The building’s curved shape is linked to the topography, so you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Zemplén Hills and the Tokaj-Hegyalja valley while having lunch or a champagne bath. With its panoramic terraces, conference rooms, and wellness area, the 40-room hotel with underground parking is an excellent venue for corporate team-building, conferences, and weddings.

Cable car

A cable car connects the facility with the town of Tokaj. The panoramic terrace can be accessed via a walkway from the upper stop integrated into the hotel building. The cable car makes the area attractive for mountain biking and downhill enthusiasts, but it is also an excellent stop for the e-bike in the “Heart of Tokaj program”.

The adjacent ski slope could be made suitable for off-season ski instruction with a plastic coating, extending the season by another valuable month.

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Tokaj lookout TV tower


Architect: Csaba Livják
Architectural designers: Bernadett Tóth, Zsófia Németh

Photo & CGI

Csaba Livjak

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