The interior redesign of the Budapest Fair Centre

Hungexpo interior design

Client: Expo Park Ltd.

Location: Budapest

Completion: 2022

Architect: Finta Studio


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The permanent exhibition area of Hungexpo Zrt., the Budapest Congress and Exhibition Centre, has undergone a revitalization from 2019 to 2021. The renewed complex offers a European-standard environment for exhibitors, conference organizers, and visitors. BuildEXT was involved in the interior design of the CK Conference Centre and the Pavilion F reception building.

Hungexpo is a regional leader

The interior design solutions meet three main needs. Firstly, we worked with neutral elements that do not compete with any event’s own design elements. We needed to provide a subdued backdrop, a foundation on which all tenants could build. Secondly, we had to look at each solution from a practical point of view. Low running costs are achieved by working with durable but quickly changeable and replaceable elements. In addition to this, the user requirement for the interior is a representative appearance. The user’s perception of quality is strongly influenced by the materials used.

We aimed for neutral solutions that are compatible with the atmosphere of any event.

21st century conference venue

The three-storey, state-of-the-art CK congress center has a 1000 m2 lobby from Albertirsai út. The building has a plenary hall with a capacity of 2000 people, divided into three sections, and 24 smaller section rooms. The auditorium is equipped with a modern Gala retractable seating system, which allows the room to be adapted to your needs in a very short time.

Adaptivity was a key factor in the design. Rapid adaptability of spaces is a key requirement.

Our primary task was to develop a conceptual design for the complete interior design of a new addition to the existing part of the building, with a floor area of more than 17 000 m2. This involved many aspects of the plan, including the choice of materials, the design, and the consistent application of an orientation signage system throughout the site.

Clear, highly visible
signage on the walls

A munkálatok nagyobb hányadát a CK épület belsőépítészeti feladatai tették ki, de szerepet vállaltunk az F pavilon kiemelt területeinek és vizesblokkjainak belsőépítészeti tervezésében is.


The C-Congress Centre building and the new reception building, which are outstanding in Hungary, were designed by Finta Studio. The realization of these buildings is the result of years of work and the joint efforts of many designers. At BuildEXT, we are proud to have contributed to the enrichment of Budapest with valuable buildings.

Hungexpo CK building interior design


General designer: Finta and Partners Architect Studio Ltd.
Architect: Péter Gábor
Coordinating architect: Gábor Mezei, Zsolt Szabó
Architectural designer: Gyöngyi Kalmár, Judit Keller-Márku
Architects: András Koncsol, Katalin Csiszár, Deborah Both, E. Honti Mariann
Design process: In-Ex Studio Kft., Péter Krámer, Imre Hörcsik, Zsóka Máthé

Construction detail designer, building glass technology: FRT Raster, Balázs Takács; Ysako Kft, András Szabó
Static: Hydrastat Ltd., Zsigmond Dezső
Building engineering, sprinkler: G&B Plan Kft., János Bukovics; Piroplan Kft, Gábor Molnár
Electrical: Kelevill Kft., Ferenc Kelemen
Transport: Public Transport Ltd; Ádám Rhorer
Environmental design: Garten Studio Kft., Steffler István
Kitchen technology: Design Stúdió Kft, Gizella Kurucz
Fire protection: Fire-Med Bt., Levente Szöllősi
Environmental acoustics, room acoustics: Józsa Kft., Józsa Gusztáv; Arató Kft, Borsiné Arató Éva
Accessibility: Japáner-B Kft, Zsolt Sipos
Occupational safety – health protection: Krabaner János e.v.
Healthcare technology: Mediten Bt., István Keresztes
Lift: Schinler Hungária Kft., Sütő Ferenc
Budget: D+R Kft, Ferenc Schneider

Architect: Csaba Livják
Project Manager: János Varga, Andrea Baktay
Initerior design: János Varga, Attila Póllai

Photo & CGI
BuildEXT, Hungexpo Zrt.

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