Bosch campus II

Concept designs for the new Bosch
research and development center

Bosch Budapest Innovation Campus

Client: Robert Bosch Ltd.

Size: 90 000 m2

Location: Budapest

Completion: 2022

Architect: Csaba Livják


Sectors: ,

Bosch Budapest Campus II, concept plan, facade from Sibrik Miklós út

In 2018, we were asked by the leading German designer of Robert Bosch Kft. to design the concept for the new Bosch Budapest Innovation Campus headquarters of the Bosch representative office in Hungary, which is planned on a 90 000 m2 site. The German management decided to simultaneously modernize the existing and leased buildings and create a new research development center for nearly 1800 engineers. All this is made necessary by the large-scale changes in the automotive industry.

“Our company wants to be at the forefront of creating the technologies that will shape the future, and the innovative work of my staff is essential to this.”

Daniel Korioth, Managing Director, Robert Bosch Kft.

The concept of Bosch Budapest Innovation Campus

The old thread mill on the existing site will be demolished, and the buildings that make up the site will form a coherent chain of buildings to form the new campus. According to the conceptual plan, the complex would be built in two phases, first the blocks near Gyömrői Road, then the buildings adjacent to Sibrik Miklós Road.

Bosch Budapest Campus II, concept plan, site plan

In addition to the research laboratory and office functions, the planned new center will include a 10 000 m2 test track for automotive development, an internal courtyard with an artificial lake and a car park for employees. The centre will also have direct access to the KÖKI transport hub.

Bosch Budapest Campus II, concept plan, inner courtyard

The planned site will be connected to the existing leased development centre by a bridge over the main road separating the two sites, making it Bosch’s largest development centre in Western Europe.

The completed Bosch Budapest Innovation Campus was inaugurated on 8 September 2022

Bosch Budapest Campus II, concept plan, parking garage
Csaba Livjak

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