IVSZ MENTA: BuildEXT on digitalization in the construction industry

At this year’s 30th anniversary event, BuildEXT was also invited by the organizers to give a presentation on the state of digitalization in the construction industry, its future, and its impact on business.

MENTA is the most prestigious conference in the digital economy, held in an exclusive environment. Presenting future trends, but with a focus on practical feasibility and concrete guidance for the near future, the content attracts hundreds of senior executives, decision-makers and students directly involved in the preparation of decisions, including representatives of all major digital industries and government.

This year’s event is organized around 3 themes: people, business and technology. Accordingly, the role of the human factor in an increasingly AI-driven world, what kind of leaders are needed, and the direction that corporate culture needs to take in these times were discussed.

The second theme, business, explored the trends that should be the focus of every business leader: cyber security, sustainable business and ESG, the challenges of digital transformation, and, linking back to the human factor, attracting the talent that is essential to achieve these. Finally, there was of course a focus on technology, including virtualisation, AI, cloud technologies, and the role of the digital twin.

BuildEXT was represented by the founder and CEO of the company, Csaba Livják, who, after outlining the clearly recognizable pattern of digitalization, presented the role of the topics in the evolution of the construction industry.

Livják Csaba előad az IVSZ MENTA 2023-as, 30 éves jubileumi rendezvényén

BIM is the new operating system
for the construction industry

BIM is the next step in the digitalization of the construction industry: a structured information model with a common data environment and associated applications will deliver greater business efficiencies than ever before, and this is now recognized not only by the industry but also by regulators. They discussed government regulation, the digital lifecycle, data-driven operations, and, of course, the near future.

Collaborative intelligence, the increased computing power, data volume, and IT infrastructure behind virtual simulations, are completely transforming the role of the architect. As a result, the architectural firm becomes a kind of integrator-solutions provider in the construction industry vertical, where it delivers to the client platforms (communication, simulation, operations, etc.) that are linked to the information model created.

Thank you to the audience for their keen attention and to the organizers for the invitation! The presentations will be available soon on the IVSZ channels.

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