HuGBC Green Talk presentation – How to make the built environment sustainable with BIM?

On 26 April, Csaba Livják, founder and CEO of BuildEXT, gave a presentation on the relationship between sustainability and BIM at the Hungarian Association for Environmentally Conscious Construction / HuGBC Green Talk series.

Csaba Livják to speak at HuGBC Green Talk series on BIM and sustainability

In the presentation, he pointed out that digitalization is nothing but an efficiency gain, which will ultimately be clearly reflected in the reduction of CO2 emissions, energy consumption and direct costs, and other environmental damage related to the built environment (infographic).

The construction industry’s digitalization is reflected in the rapid take-up of BIM and the digital lifecycle of the building; we are now at an evolutionary halfway point between CAD and metaverse. We have already achieved substantial efficiency gains through technological advances, and BuildEXT can already put the different dimensions of BIM into practice for the benefit of projects and investors, contractors, and operators, whether it is model-based costing or energy optimization.

The full series of HuGBC Green Talk presentations are accessible on the HuGBC website.

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