Flashlight Pony BIM – eye-opener presentation at the Construction Technology & Innovation Conference

Technological innovations, digitalization and robotization, state-of-the-art manufacturing, production, and construction processes are penetrating and shaping every aspect and player in the construction industry, from design to construction, at an astonishing speed. The challenges facing the construction industry, whether it is rationalizing costs, reducing defects, meeting sustainability targets, or meeting deadlines, can all be achieved through technological progress. Finding the best solutions and the latest developments is not easy – this is what the Portfolio Construction Technology conference aims to help and bring together every year.

At the prestigious event, BuildEXT was once again represented by Csaba Livják, founder & CEO. “A working BIM workflow – mobile apps and human programming instead of paper?” is quoted verbatim from the relevant Portfolio summary below the image.

Livják Csaba csillámpónis előadása a Portfolio Construcion Technology & Innovation rendezvényen (Fotó: Portfolio)

World-leading design and ConTech solutions are here and available. They are strikingly efficient, eliminating half of construction conflicts, shortening construction times by a few months, and reducing the cost and environmental impact of a construction project by an average of 30%. But as cost-effective, green, and sustainable as it is, it is difficult to put into practice at home. Old dogs don’t learn new tricks, and habituation is like a disease.

The symptoms are always the same, but we have a recipe – this was the topic of the presentation of Csaba Livják, CEO, BuildEXT Kft. “I’ve been involved in BIM for six years now, and I can tell you that I see a serious dichotomy: in Hungary when we talk about BIM, everyone expects some kind of miracle – as if the whole of BIM is a glitter pony. But in the construction industry, in reality, we see much less of this glitter pony.

Why is that? – the expert asked the question and then went on to say that the situation is similar to Tesla, basically it’s an iron like all the other cars, but technologically more advanced. The Tesla factory has agile development and state-of-the-art manufacturing and development processes. Then, in practice, there are problems with Teslas.

BIM is similar to this, in practical applications we find that 1-3 attempts at BIM will not give us a successful experience. The situation is complicated by artificial intelligence, human programming or construction robotics. We have created a company based on BIM projects, which is far from the current analogue construction industry, but we are also trying to form a bridge, to bring the opportunities offered by BIM to as many people as possible – emphasized Csaba Livják.

The analogy of the CEO with the glitter pony was a hit not only with the audience but also with the journalists who took notes on the spot and is thus also in the title of the article summarising the professional event.

For more on the event, see Portfolio’s on-site report “The construction industry’s most cutting-edge technology that’s making wonders happen: it’s like a glitter pony“.

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