Forbes interview with Csaba Livják

“Guitars on the wall, a huge electric piano next to the desk, a mixer on the edge of the desk, and lots of cables. Csaba Livjak, the founder and now sole owner of Buildext Ltd., plays music as a hobby, piano, some violin, and accordion, too.”

The Forbes magazine journalist visited us in November, just one day before the Forbes Tech Summit 2022. Although Boston Dynamics’ robot dog was not in the office at the time, we were able to give an insight into the practical application of BIM workflow in a couple of hours.

Csaba Livják at the BuildEXT Budapest office (Photo credit: Forbes)
Csaba Livják at the BuildEXT Budapest office (Photo credit: Forbes)

At one point in the lively interview, Csaba Hortobágyi (head of quality management and production support systems at Continental AG, which played a milestone role in the development of BuildEXT during the Veszprém site development project) also speaks:

“We received four bids, three of which were in the same price range,
but one of which was several orders of magnitude higher.
I wanted to see that fourth one.”

He recalls that “Csaba went to the management and told them that the concept Continental had asked for was wrong as it was, that he had a completely different concept. He had turned the whole thing upside down, he had made completely different designs from what the company had originally asked for.”

Read the full Forbes interview with Csaba Livják here.

(Images and quotes: Forbes.hu)

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