Robot dog in the BuildEXT Budapest office

Last week we became a dog-friendly office, but there are some things we would never have thought of… A few days later Spot, an autonomous robot dog from Boston Dynamics scanned our office with a Leica Geosystems BLK ARC laser scanner.

Spot, Boston Dynamics’ robot dog, scans BuildEXT’s Budapest office

Robot dog on a construction site?

By combining these two technologies we are able to survey areas completely autonomously which are dangerous or in which we don’t want to send a human for safety or other reasons.

Spot can do its tasks in a daily routine completely autonomous way. It can climb on stairs, rocks, mud, or any obstacle. Its battery life is 1.5 hours and when it is finished, Spot returns to its docking station to recharge the batteries and upload the point clouds for further processing.

It is amazing that 5 years ago if we had to plan brownfield development we used paper and a distometer to measure everything, two years ago it was replaced by lidar and laser scanning technology and now it is extended by the robot.

If someone had told us this solution a few years ago, we would have smiled.

Now we are shocked because we have never seen a device that gets out of the car and then comes up to our office on the fifth floor in an elevator with its “colleague” standing on its own feet.

Seeing this phenomenon live is admittedly quite a strange feeling – even our young colleagues were horrified – but it is here among us and for the next generation it is likely to become part of everyday life.

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