Dalux Summit 2023: two professional presentations by a single Hungarian team in Copenhagen

For the first time in the history of the Dalux Summit, an independent market player was asked to give two technical presentations in one event.

BuildEXT Kt. and its project management sister company Arcoord Ltd. were the only Hungarian speakers representing the digital Hungarian construction industry at the annual Dalux Summit. Dalux, a developer of construction software, has more than 1 million users in 147 countries, using its products in design, construction and building operation. The Danish developer’s three-day event this year brought together more than 1,200 engineers in Copenhagen to hear from specialists from companies that have demonstrated best practices for the year.

Dalux has been working since 2005 to make the construction industry smarter and more efficient through digitalization. Their project management software for smarter and more sustainable workflows is used by leading contractors, builders and consultants in the construction industry in 147 countries. At its annual conference, the Dalux Summit, each year, the top users of the software showcase best practices to increase the efficiency of construction projects in all regions through knowledge sharing.

“The domestic construction industry has only just started to face the challenges of digitalization. Designers and contractors are still getting acquainted with leading BIM solutions, including Dalux, so there are only a few good practices in the country. However, BuildEXT has been a pioneer in innovation in the Hungarian construction industry from the very beginning, and Dalux has been used on a daily basis since 2019, and in line with ISO 19650 requirements since 2021. It seems that we are doing something quite well, as the organizers have invited us to present in Copenhagen from the very beginning”, said Csaba Livják, founder and CEO of BuildEXT Ltd.

The Hungarian market lags significantly behind the more developed construction countries in terms of digitization, which puts it at a competitive disadvantage internationally. Although the design side has been making progress for years, contractors – in contrast to the experience in Western Europe – still often reject the BIM toolkit and do not even close to exploiting its potential for efficiency gains. The practical result is that the BIM digital toolkit is only used to solve 1 or 1 sub-problem in projects, still not eliminating the most damaging construction failures.

BuildEXT’s advanced workflow, on the other hand, manages both design and construction in an integrated way, preparing the BIM model for operation if necessary. BuildEXT supports the use of the software with hands-on training, which has led to a number of unique and internationally outstanding pilot projects in recent years.

Dalux Summit 2023

The results also attracted the attention of Dalux, which in 2023 – in a departure from its previous practice – recognized the results by inviting BuildEXT to give two presentations.

“It is a huge professional recognition for us that we were the only Hungarian construction company among the 71 speakers to be invited to give two presentations this year. Based on the feedback, the workflow we have developed has earned us recognition not only from Dalux but also from the international professional scene”, the CEO framed what he had said earlier.

In BuildEXT’s presentation “Practical ISO19650 in design coordination”, Tamás Somsák, the company’s BIM manager, showed how the standardized application of BIM in the industrial sector can provide real value to data users. While the data creators have excellent software to help them exploit the benefits of BIM, the end users of the data face serious difficulties (lack of knowledge, limited access), leading to a lack of trust and ultimately a reduction in data use. In his presentation, he used two practical examples to show how principles and software solutions have helped them and their clients avoid this pitfall. (BuildEXT has been ISO 19650 certified since June 2021.)

On the second day, BuildEXT presented the complete interior modernization of an office building of a domestic financial institution at Dalux Summit 2023. Andrea Baktay (Head of Studio, Master of Architecture, Head of Interior Design, BuildEXT Ltd.) and Ágnes Révész (Senior Project Manager, Arcoord Ltd.) focused their presentation “A building re-design project – DALUX Field & Box case study” on the cooperation of design and project management teams on the Dalux platform. The transparency and accountability achieved through the active use of the platform contributed greatly to the project being completed on time and within budget. The project was also special in that the model was also prepared to receive the Dalux FM software, which will soon result in the first domestic pilot project, including the design and construction phase as well as the operation.

BuildEXT is confident that its developments and pilot projects can contribute to the digitalization of the Hungarian construction industry and its integration into the international construction industry.

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