BIM vs Hollywood BIM

In recent months, everyone wants to design a building in BIM. This is due to the fact that this approach is spreading like wildfire around the world, but in our own region, we are still facing major problems with conceptualization.

In the following lines I would like to show what we think BIM means and what we think is happening in domestic practice, i.e. to compare the two methodologies and their results: BIM vs Hollywood BIM.

Because there’s a paradigm shift going on and you can’t do it through marketing alone.


In domestic practice, professional and architectural designers work with different software, creating plans with a lot of consultation and slow, manual drawing work.

BuildEXT designers work in a shared model, updated in near real-time, to create a working digital model. The plans are generated automatically and the systems are optimized by algorithms.

  • Fast and accurate design
  • 20% less extra work and delays
  • 10x faster change tracking
  • Accurate quantitative statements
  • Significantly less construction errors
  • A detailed operating model for long-term use

Delivery of plans

In domestic practice, designers aim to produce a textual and 2D design document. A model is just a tool for drawing and debugging. The drawings, consignments, and budgets are not in live contact with the model, the information is carried by the plan sheets.

BuildEXT builds a digital building in which the elements of the building model store the information, the drawings, consignments, and material extractions are the snapshot views of the model.

  • 5x faster, more efficient planning
  • Precise plans, consignments
  • Rapid change management
  • Simulation of operation, analysis, optimization
  • Practical operational model

Projekt web platformon

An unknown concept in domestic practice. Replaced by email, phone and Excel lists, maybe a 2D document management system, and lots and lots of slow negotiation.

It provides a free-to-use design and BIM model sharing software environment integrated into the BuildEXT design system, running on mobile devices and PCs, making drawings and 3D models, incoming change requests, and their information content accessible and easy to understand for project participants.

  • Accurate tracking of changes
  • Faster design and implementation coordination
  • AR visualisation – human programming
  • Less construction errors, extra costs

Of course, the situation is not so simple and straightforward. Real BIM design requires a different approach, serious expertise, and investor confidence, and it is really worth it above a certain project size. However, only a fraction of a percent of the subsequent savings need to be spent at the outset, and up to the entire investment, the cost can be recouped in unheated energy, unscheduled maintenance, and unplanned downtime.

(Image credit: Ceramicsfieldguide, Mohvisuals, Superuser, Dalux, BuildEXT)

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