Babel confusion on generative construction

We believe this is the most futuristic idea in real life. Not because of the technological side, but because of the human factor.

What is the problem with generative construction?

Everyone understands how significant savings could be made, but an average construction site looks like a mini-babel mess where people with different interests, heterogeneous skills, and languages try to create something, and of course, all from paper plans.

On top of all these, there is a construction site coordination level where experienced professionals – on the “old dog don’t learn new tricks” basis – refuse to use technology to avoid embarrassment.

In this heterogeneous environment, we would have to connect an extremely structured information model with an AI-driven target software in order to make the construction more efficient.

Nearly impossible mission.

The biggest obstacle is not mastering the technology,
but believing in it and overcoming human resistance.

We confess that we have not seen much chance of that in the recent past. But now the tables have turned again.

And surrealistically the global crisis and the escalating energy prices make real chances to the spread of that kind of digital technology.

(Photo credit: Pixabay. Read this post on generative design and construction.)

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