Development goals

Sustainability in line with the UN’s definition and 17 development goals is central to our entire business. BuildEXT’s operations work primarily with combatting climate change (goal 13), promoting the development of sustainable cities and communities (goal 11), sustainable energy for all (goal 7), gender equality (goal 5), and sustainable industry, innovations and infrastructure (goal 9).

Challenges and steps

It is important to emphasize that indirect impact we have through our projects has much better opportunity to help reduce impact on the climate. At the same time we are on running our own business with the lowest possible climate impact. We have joined and cooperated with relevant commitments and councils (e.g. Business Council for Sustainable Development Hungary) as well as consultancy firms specialised in sustainable building and urban design.

We believe that our work not only meets interests, functional and design expectations of our clients but also serves the sustainable development of our environment. Sustainability can only be reached through holistic and conscious design. Apart from designing new buildings in an environmentally-friendly way, we see a great challenge in the green refurbishment of existing buildings.

Work with clients

It is our responsibility to meet strategic climate ambitions and practical implementation in our projects and to show our clients where efforts can be best directed for this purpose. We will continue to make carbon reduction a contractual normality across our supply chain, from disciplines to clients.

Archimon (interior designer studio by BuildEXT) and nGon (general design studio by BuildEXT) are willing to help our partner put more focus on planning eco-friendly solutions e.g. innovative recycling devices, renewable energy sources into their real estate. A special VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) team of us collaborates with special BIM solution providers (SolidSpac3, Saint-Gobain, Plannerly, Velis Real Estate Tech, etc.) as strategic partners that results in developing time- and energysaving functions that helps optimizing several elements in projects e.g. logistics, prefabrication, etc. It is a common mission to design as many building as it is possible to be sustainable, to have green building rating (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, WELL), nearly zero energy (nZEB) or zero emission building (ZEB).

Office & organization

BuildEXT is engaged to reduce emission in its everyday work as much as it is possible including

  • making „as built” model of office that helps plan space and save more energy
  • paperless office as a result of BIM workflow and surveys that aims communication optimization, virtual modeling and simulation of the execution and operation, any necessary printing will be on responsibly sourced paper with both side printing
  • Greengo company registration & electric company car for „green” local movement
  • dedicated charging place within office for electric scooters
  • Loxone automation solution with intuitive control for smart office
  • eco-friendly kitchen: energy-efficient small electrical appliances, purified drinking water and plastic-free local bottling, selective waste collection
  • Hololens 2 for the sake of transparent communication and better visualisation

Colleagues and progress

As a responsible employer we help our employees thrive in work. We believe design engineering has the potential to offer valuable career opportunities and growth for anyone in case she/he has „drive” and the willing to learn. It is also clear that communication and clear view on different profiles funds the base of a good working environment. A special target is to equal the rate of women in different seniority levels (mainly in leadership roles) and emerge the rate of foreign-born and native-speaking colleagues.

Csaba Livják (founder, CEO) is an enthusiastic advocate of diversity in the workplace and has successfully built a responsible business culture. His aim is to facilitate intense development of local building industry by educating new generation of architects via several corporate channels. We help them to develop workplace skills through our partnerships with schools and higher education.

For BuildEXT COVID-19 crisis resulted in a reduction in business travel and office use as 100% of our colleagues worked from home. We experienced the crisis as an opportunity to learn that home office is more than effective way to work parallel with our efforts that towards to reduce our carbon footsteps as low as we can. During the first wave we focused much more on helping our people work flexibly, supporting their wellbeing and provided learning and development resources during this challenging time. It was provided logistics to move their ergonomic office chairs and desks to home office as well as common trainings (yoga, planking, Zoom meetings, CX-Ray surveys, make common effort to save a local small company, etc.) helped to keep mental and physical hygiene.

We believe that supporting local enterprises leads to better community outcomes.  We choose to support indigent communities instead of giving Christmas gifts for our Partners, like we did at Christmas, 2019 (special motor-powered bed given to Heim Pál Children’s Hospital) or when we saved Nyúlgyár from bankruptcy. We focus on Zemplén region in Hungary as local patriots. We contribute to the regional development through working on a daily basis with a local printing company, a graphic design team, a PR agency and other service providers.