BuildEXT Christmas: planting trees and supporting hospitals again this year

This year, we’re not sending corporate-mug-wine-and-beer-and-egg gift packs, and we’re not even continuing to swell the sea of plastic waste, instead, we’re planting trees and helping a struggling hospital with just over 1 million HUF.

Because this year was very different from the previous ones.

Let’s start with some very good news: global greenhouse gas emissions have fallen, and the rate of global warming has slowed. Don’t forget the bad news: COVID has slowed economies, paralyzed industries, and endangered or ruined people’s health, lives, and jobs.

We are part of a global and a local crisis at the same time, and while it would be easier to focus only on our customers and our profit, as a responsible organization, we are obliged to do more than that.

Anyone who saw David Attenborough’s – A Life on Our Planet knows that two-thirds of forests have disappeared from the face of Earth since the beginning of industrial civilization and biodiversity is declining rapidly, plunging our planet into a global catastrophe.

We are filled with hope that our hard work spreading a new framework (BIM) will reshape the way the construction industry works and is about sustainability in every way.

It is a new digital ecosystem that through technology and smart devices, implements efficient design, radically reduces unnecessary work processes and construction waste, and allows a more economical building operation.

This means a 20-40% cost reduction in the lifecycle of a building which also means, less energy consumption, lower carbon emissions, and reduced environmental impact overall.

This is our future, but we also want to make an impact on our present, so

we have decided to plant 1 sapling
for every 100 m2 of BIM-designed building
on behalf of our clients.

So half of the amount we spent on Christmas presents was used to plant 1,000 seedlings with the help of MyForest.

However, sustainable development is not about only ecological balance, but also about increasing the quality of life.

As almost one-third of the BuildEXT team originates in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén and Hajdú-Bihar counties, it was an obvious decision to give the other half of the amount to support the Foundation for Patients in Zemplénrun by Dr. Ernő Rácz, president of the foundation and head of maternity at Erzsébet Hospital, Sátoraljaújhely.

We felt we found the best place for the money for Christmas gifts this year, and even if many of us were away, we could still contribute to helping a region catch up. Let’s hope we can make the world a better place.

We are human beings, engineers, patients, local patriots, and parents, all committed to transforming an industry and to sustainable development beyond our daily tasks.

We are BuildEXT. We look after each other.

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