Prestigious award is given to BuildEXT for recognizing integrated application of the design.

Hungarian Design Council awarded BuildEXT Ltd a certificate in recognition of the Design Management Award. Given this outstanding standard, our office has also won the right to exhibit at one of the key events of Budapest Design Week.

What is Design Management Award?

Design Management Award, founded by the Hungarian Design Council, has been recognizing organizations for more than 10 years that strive for continuous innovation and outstanding quality in the creation of their strategy, operative operation, and design of their products and services, keeping in mind social responsibility and sustainability aspects.

I’m used to the market giving instant feedback if we’re doing something right and also if we’re not. However, I only apprehended during the awards ceremony how much recognition it is for us is that a professional organization rewards HOW we do what we do.” – said Csaba Livják, the founder of BuildEXT.

Csaba Livják, founder and CEO of BuildEXT, receives the Design Management Award from Gyula Pomázi, Chairman of the Hungarian Design Council
Csaba Livják, founder and CEO of BuildEXT, receives the Design Management Award from Gyula Pomázi, Chairman of the Hungarian Design Council

The jury awarded the prize to our company according to the following evaluation:

“The ecological and sustainable development of the built environment is at the top of the list of 21st-century challenges faced by humanity. Building economy – including the construction of new buildings and the operation of existing ones – exploits a considerable proportion of the earth’s natural resources, regarding the application of eco-friendly technologies as broadly as possible as an important priority.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) creates the opportunity to bridge the decade-long gap between the building industry and the engineering sector thanks to the fact that this system can provide data on the entire lifecycle of buildings that have the same level of complexity as modern industrial products. The multidimensional BIM digital model ensures that all the parameters important in regard to the sustainability of building spanning generations are considered during the planning process.

The BuildEXT design office was established for the express purpose of making the construction process completely transparent thanks to building information modeling, specifying each element of the implementation and credibly simulating the future operation of the building to be built.

The company’s ambitious goals include reducing the energy demand of buildings, thereby reducing emissions, and creating a built environment that is comfortable for users but sustainable in the long term. The Hungarian-owned business uses the full range of modern business management tools, from customer experience-based service and supportive workplace culture to localized circular economy practices.

In addition to its professional operation, BuildEXT aspires to join the development of BIM applications and thus providing a solid foundation for its business success in the global building industry market.

BuildEXT received a Design Management certificate of recognition and the winning entries were exhibited during Budapest Design Week (source: BuildEXT).

Organizations that excellently apply the design management approach were selected by a professional jury of nine people. This year, an award and a special award were presented, and three organizations received certificates in recognition. An exhibition of the winning entries for both awards has been organized, which will be open to the public during the entire duration of Budapest Design Week at the Société Budapest event center.


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