We held the first BIM Interior Design Meetup

On 28 March, our company held its first BIM Interior Design Meetup. The aim of the event was to show how BIM workflow is present in BuildEXT on a daily basis and how we can use the tools of digitalization in interior design projects.

The event started with a presentation by Csaba Livják, CEO, who gave a vivid presentation on the development of the construction industry, driven by digitalization. Afterward, Andrea Baktay, interior designer and project manager, presented a case study of the Academia project on how BIM is applied in interior design projects.

Andrea explained, among other things, that BIM and interior design are at two ends of the spectrum; while BIM is mainly IT-oriented, interior designers are strongly design oriented.

But we have tried to combine these
two concepts closer to each other,
pointing out how one helps the other.

Afterward, participants could see how it all works in practice over champagne and snacks.

They tried out our visualisation tools:

  • walk around the Academia office building using our VR technology,
  • you have witnessed a plan evolve from a point cloud,
  • get a taste of the world of visual design,
  • they could try on a pair of holographic glasses,
  • and learn how Dalux works.

In addition to all of this, the good mood, cheerful conversations, networking, and of course the exchange of experiences was not missed at the event, which we will organize again in May.

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