Multifunctional spaces
in a renewing working environment


Client: Akadémia Office Building Ltd.

Size: 1 800 sqm

Location: Budapest

Architect: Andrea Baktay, Attila Tóth

Awards: Renovated Office Building of the Year 2024 (Office of the Year), Future Project of the Year 2022, Office Project of the Year, Retrofit/Refurbishment of the Year 2023 (CRE Real Estate Awards)

Certifications: BREEAM In-use, WELL Platinum & Gold, Wiredscore Gold, Access4you

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Sectors: ,

Our task was to design the interior of the Academia office building, to prepare the concept, the urban planning application, and the design plans with the consent of the original designer of the building, György Guczogi. Due to a change in tenants, the owner had the opportunity to rethink the spaces, expand the range of available functions and modernize the interior design. In addition, the client plans to create a new terrace on the roof, offering a unique panoramic view of the city center.

New ways of working blur the boundaries between functions.

Tailored for a variety of users


The aim of the conscious redesign is to give office workers a more productive, comfortable and inspiring working environment that they can more easily identify with. The planned new community spaces and services will be accessible not only to tenants but also to visitors from the street. An innovative and inspiring working environment will help tenants attract the best people to work with them. The energy invested in thoughtful design will ultimately create value for all involved.

Always connected

The renewal focuses as much on digital connectivity and smart solutions as it does on accessibility and community features. As a result, the ACADEMIA office building became the first WiredScore-accredited building in Hungary, with an immediate Gold rating.

Academia from river Danube

Ground floor and gallery level functions

The previous tenant was a bank. A café and lounge will be built on the site of the former cash desks, the consumer space will be located in the lobby. A restaurant will be built on the side of Arany János Street. The restaurant will be connected to the terrace.

Academia cross section

On the Akadémia street side, on the site of the former post office box, a shop will be built. On both sides of the gallery area there will be conference and meeting rooms. If required, the gallery can be converted into a separate event space by means of a separate internal glass wall.

Rooftop garden above the city centre

A quality recreational space can be created on the south-eastern part of the existing roof, divided into open and partially covered shaded terraces and green areas. The construction of the roof walkway divides the roof area of the design into a southern and a northern roof section. The Parliament building is visible from the north and the Buda Castle and the Basilica from the south.

The northern one is more park-like with fixed benches, movable chairs and garden tables, while the southern one is lounge-like with garden sofas and dining tables. The north can be used to enjoy the fresh air, reading and relaxing, while the south can be used for chatting, dining and socialising.

CRE Real Estate Awards

The InterContinental in Budapest hosted the 4th edition of the CRE Real Estate Awards on 20 October 2022, where a jury of experts recognized the best buildings, companies, real estate transactions, and industry professionals in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the Balkans. At the awards ceremony, the winner of the “Planned Project of the Year” award was ACADEMIA Budapest, designed by us. The property also won the “Office of the Year” and “Renovation/Reconstruction of the Year” awards at the CRE Real Estate Awards event the following year.



Project leader, lead architect: Attila Tóth
Interior Designer Project Manager: Andrea Baktay
Architectural designers: András Ábele-Nagy, András Cédl, Dávid Cserháti, Álmos Jablonkay, Márk Mezei, Petra Nagyistván, Viktória Rónai, Balázs Sóti, Bernadett Tóth, István Tóth, Attila Zengő

Static: Levente Gősi
Building Engineering: Balázs András-Tövissi, Kristóf Hargita, Richárd Simon
Electrical: Károly Borsányi, János Haratik
Fire protection: Zsolt Fenyvesi, Laura Vécsey
Gastro technologies: András Gauland

The Wiredscore certification process was managed by the accredited BuildEXT team, led by Andrea Baktay, with the support of Richárd Simon (HAAN Studio).

Photo & CGI
BuildEXT, ConvergenCE

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