We presented at Portfolio Construction 2022 conference

For the fourth time in 2022, Portfolio.hu organized the “Construction Industry 2022” conference for the essential professional players in the Hungarian construction industry. This year, the founder and head of our company, Csaba Livják, also presented on behalf of BuildEXT.

The day-long live professional program, both offline and online, featured excellent presentations on topical issues such as the availability of EU funds, how they are allocated, public development, industry financing, labor issues, and of course the price and availability of raw materials, supply chain issues, inflation, and global economic challenges.

Digitalization and innovation, climate targets, robotization, and Construction 4.0 – the future of the built environment – are increasingly becoming tangible in our lives. This is the line we have taken in our presentation, clearing up the myths and false expectations surrounding BIM.

Előadtunk a Portfolio 2022 rendezvényen

If you use a paper plan,
there is no point in BIM.

And what are the lessons we have learned from our presentation, based on the experience of the past years, that will shape the way our company operates?

  • BIM workflow is the value, BIM is just a tool, it does not create value in itself
  • Clash detection is like a seat belt, it does not trigger steering and vision.
  • BIM will spread because of the services built on it
  • The bottleneck is not technology, but human destruction.
  • If you use a paper plan, there is no point in BIM
  • University education cannot keep pace with progress
  • We need agile organisations
  • Experience comes from making mistakes, mistakes come from practice
  • Hibázz gyorsan, tanulj gyorsan és hagyd fejlődni a szereplőket

A photo-illustrated article of the Construction Industry 2022 conference is available on the Portfolio website, and a summary of the event was also published by Magyar Építők (Hungarian Builders online magazine). More about BIM here.

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