BuildEXT at BNCC 2022

At HEPA’s invitation, we will participate in BuildEXT’s BNCC 2022 event showcasing plans for Scandinavian projects.

Building Network, the organizer of the Building Network Construction Conference, works with investment and trade promotion organizations to advise foreign companies on how to enter and expand in the Nordic market.

The firm’s advisory team connects local, regional, and international companies, primarily in the data center industry, urban development, infrastructure, transport, real estate, PropTech, construction, offshore, utilities, energy, gas and oil, life sciences, healthcare, and the public sector.

The BNCC 2019 event

This year, 5 Hungarian construction companies were invited by HEPA (Hungarian Export Promotion Agency) to participate in the Copenhagen business meeting.

The conference is primarily organized for Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and other international investors, property developers, general contractors, large contractors, subcontractors, and construction professionals. The event will focus on presentations of future Nordic design and construction projects, including Sweden’s largest public transport project, climate-friendly urban development, industrial real estate and data center development, and many other giga-investments in Northern Europe.

The Hungarian construction industry is represented by Kész MetalTech, CÉH, Poka3D, EDELHOLZ, and BuildEXT.

For more details, visit the BNCC website.

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