They have changed everything that had provided them the security of everyday life until then, which caused in exchange 56,000 times fewer clashes detected in their following project! BuildEXT Kft. implements an integrated workflow with the help of BIM, which is not really represented in the local market yet, but it is worth following them on the basis of the amazing return indicators.

A longer interview started with these sentences with the founding owner of BuildEXT, Csaba Livják on the Hungarian Builders portal.

In the sequel, it turned out, among other things

  • which project “launched the company into space”,
  • what happens when the architect finds tens of millions of clashes in an investment,
  • how BIM can condense 40 hours of work by six people into half an hour of work by one person,

and which project is the next really big happening in the life of the company.

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(Image source: Magyar Építők portal)