Trenching with ISO certification

Most investors expect BIM to be the breakthrough, but it is not the key. BIM is like the trench. Some people dig a trench with a shovel, some with a robotic backhoe, but a trench can still be perfect.

It works as long as you know what you want, you don’t need to change and you have plenty of time. The trouble is, in today’s world, it is the rarest of cases.

We live in a turbulent economy, where change is the only certainty, the design program is constantly evolving during the design process, and with the explosion of the building materials market, technical solutions are always changing, preferably at the last minute.

Now, it makes a difference how quickly you can widen your trench, or bury it and dig it in another direction.

So the key is the speed of information and change management. This requires automated solutions, the communication software that builds on them, and the virtual prototype of our facility on which these systems are built.

In this environment, the value is not in being able to build a 3D model, i.e. dig a trench,

but in being able to configure the software environments of the actors to effectively manage change.

Sticking to our lame example, the customer can indicate on a tablet where the automatic excavator should dig.

To add to the confusion, I would like to share my realization that success is not guaranteed even if we obtain the latest ISO certification, as we have done.

ISO is a quality assurance system.

If our competitor audits shovel digging, he will have a perfect ISO certificate, which certifies that he can dig with a shovel with a high degree of safety

and also guarantees that he will never work with more efficient methods because then the audited working method is gone.

So if you’re about to invest and want to succeed, don’t look at the acronyms. But ask how a change in the BIM model and design documentation is run.

The difference between the use of tools and the effectiveness of different approaches will be clearly visible.

(Image credit: Techcrunch)

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