a year of challenges and breakthroughs

Opening abroad

Direction: non-EU region!

The year got off to a perfect start: in early January, after the founding of Munich-based BuildEXT Gmbh, we received the Foreign Market Entry Support document and almost HUF 50 million to help us enter markets outside the EU.



The ink on the document hadn't even dried when we noticed: a mysterious person nominated BuildEXT for the Design Management Award founded by the Hungarian Design Council, which we didn't even know what it was before. Then we read the details and realized that this is how we work instinctively, so why not give it a try...? And so it was that we received a certificate in recognition for the integrated application of design.

Let me see it

AND THENcame the first request

In 2020, we joined Business Council and Sustainable Development Hungary (BCSDH), an organization that promotes sustainable development in Hungary, so that we can contribute to achieving their goals by promoting a better built environment. One of the honorable results of this collaboration was the invitation to participate in one of the panel discussions of Managers for Society – Focus on the Future! 2021 digital conference. The benefits of the BIM workflow, which is essential for real sustainability, were represented by the founder-owner Csaba Livják.

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Yes, as if it were years ago, but we finally shut off the n-Gon brand to focus exclusively on building BuildEXT from now on. Thanks to n-Gon Studio for everything, without it BuildEXT would never have gotten to where it is now. Lived and worked for 12 years.

We decided to get together

in the heart of the wonderful Zemplén, Tolcsva, to finalize the company’s crystal clear mission: BuildEXT was born to deliver sustainable construction projects to its customers.


Building a sustainable future for humankind by reducing the ecological footprint of the built environment.


To contribute to the digitalization of the Hungarian construction industry as a key player.


Continuous development, straightforwardness, team spirit, professional humility, quality, proactivity, flexibility, win-win approach


Architects of the future

For a couple of months, a very young generation also worked with us on an experimental basis – digital education has brought many funny moments (and handicrafts) into our lives.

– Hey, it’s meeting time, come to the Innovation Room.

– My kids have a math class there, let’s go to the Creator.

– There my kids are learning…


THE BIG PROJECThas arrived

We feel comfortable when a project starts to get big and complicated… well, now we’ve got it. In the National Vaccine Factory project, not only can we maximize our knowledge of architectural design with “traditional BIM”, but we also need to be able to design one of the most complex technologies. In an environment where there are only about 16 companies around the world that can deliver this technology.


In the meantime, of course, we had a great time

We held online-live quizzes, poker and board game nights, and when we were finally able to meet (not only virtually) again, we took the beach to the office in bad weather, enjoyed each other’s company at breakfasts, barbecues, and at various events. Which was only good because we were finally able to see the newly joined colleagues live.

And it came

THE BIG BANGof the summer

We got ISO 19650 certification, and how! We have prepared our documentation so precisely and thoroughly that the audit company has ranked it among the TOP 5 ISO documentation of all time and plans to use it later in a marketing campaign in the UK.

Nice, let me see it!

BUILDTECH ASIAinternational building & construction exhibition

BuildEXT was the only one who took part in the exhibition from Europe – unfortunately only virtually due to travel bans. Maybe aiming the faster acclimatization, the organizers practically put ours next to the Autodesk booth.

Let me see

WE ALSO WORKEDa little bit...

In addition to winning one of the top major investments in Hungary, we were constantly challenging ourselves: we had several swimming pool projects, factories, a data center, a laboratory, office buildings, a few hundred apartments, 37,000 m2 of interior design, az observation deck, office building fit-outs, a medical center, but we had a winning TV tower concept, too.

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We speeded upour scan to BIM business

At the end of the summer, we hired professionals, bought new, more professional equipment, and by the end of the year, we scanned and modeled several office buildings, halls, warehouses, chapels, sites... and even a complete cave in Buda.


The happening

that we took as aGREAT HONOR...

was that Finta Studio accepted our invitation, so we were able to start our series of Architect Roundtable discussions in October.

We invite representatives of open-minded, innovative companies from construction industry willing to find common ground, who are happy to share their experiences and opinions about management, technology, education and other areas gained from real performance.

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Later in the fall

Exhibitions and presentations...

At first, we held a presentation for nearly 1,000 engineers in Copenhagen at the invitation of Dalux, the most important BIM management platform in the Scandinavian region, then we as the only partner from Hungary exhibited at BIM World Munich.

We also lectured students on BIM at BME, presented at the HungaroCAD’s construction event, were personally visited by graduating students and we also held an online course on BIM for the young audience.

...and professional interviews.

In October, Magyar Építők (leading Hungarian construction portal) made a longer interview with our CEO, then Építészfórum (Architects’ Forum) and Octogon magazine wrote about us among others, and in December we also appeared in the columns of the official magazine of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers.


Oh yes, we know ...

always these numbers … but somewhere it’s a mandatory element of the corporate annual resumé, so we didn’t want to be left out either. And to be quite frank … we’re really proud of that.

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successful projects


square meters designed


engineering hours


and in the spirit of the 3 pillars of sustainability, we also provided donations to special organizations in 2021. We supported planting trees with the help of Myforest, granted money for Erzsébet Hospital in Sátoraljaújhely in one of the most economically disadvantaged regions, and we contributed to the establishment of a climate-neutral Hungary this year by sponsoring the Race to Zero program of BCSDH, too.

(The postcard is drawn by BuildEXT kids)

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What was 2021 like for you?

We would like to hear your story, too - if you feel so, come and have a coffee with us sometime!