BuildEXT has adapted to the circumstances flexibly; in recent days, we have created the possibility to work from home for more than 40 of our employees.

With the most modern tools available for digitization, design processes continue smoothly:

  • our buildings have already been designed in virtual space as a real-time össz-szakági model, the design coordination took place on a premise platform, and the prepared plans and models were digitally added to the construction at the touch of a button;
  • the company’s internal communication continues to take place on systems specialized on team-buildings, with chat, file sharing and video conferencing at the touch of a button;
  • we track tasks on a web-based, visual project management system, our finance is one of the most modern ERP systems running in the Microsoft Azure cloud.
Stay and work from home during Covid by BuildEXT

We provide our services with conventional efficiency, and we see this crisis as an exciting challenge from which we hope to profit more than it will cause us losses.

Due to the economic downturns, our capacity is expected to loosen up; therefore, we are happy to be apart of projects if you or your partner need architectural and engineering solutions.

BuildEXT is a trustworthy company. We take care of each other.